I got a little more back to normal today:)


Once again I gave myself some extra sleep this morning so was a little late for planning. We did get the week planned and prepped and that felt great to be back in routine!

The students stopped in the doorway this morning at the sight of the Halloween decorations. They’ve declared me amazing at decorating and say it’s not Miss B’s room anymore, but Miss Halloween’s room. How could anyone not enjoy spending the day with that?!

We got some printing catchup done and learned why the seasons are called what they are. We also worked on our number words booklet and had computers and hip hop. A pretty nice day:)


I can officially call the yogurt experiment a failure. I am definitely left with just a lot of coconut milk:(. I used it to make some hot chocolate for myself today. That’s very rare as I don’t really like chocolate, but I wasn’t sure what to use all this milk for? It turned out that wasn’t the answer as it was way too rich for me and I had to come home at lunch for some ginger ale.


This evening I got back to my athletic yoga class. It felt good to move a bit again and get back into routine more! It was an an heavy class so I’m pretty sure my abs are going to hurt tomorrow!!! The craziest move was eagle crunches – get into eagle pose while on your back and then do crunch after crunch. Ugh!


Coming and going today, I have run into tough rather interesting looking people going into the apartment two away from mine. I try not to judge people on looks, but they don’t really look like the type of people I want hanging around my home. I’ll see how it goes…

Well I’m off to finish the third novella in my current book as I want to finish tonight! I feel like I haven’t talked about a book in forever!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. Before my back injury I went to beginners yoga and I loved it. Now I stopped going because of the cost and I do it at home on YouTube from time to time. How often do you go to class?

  2. That stinks the yogurt didn’t turn out 😦 It’s so discouraging when a recipe doesn’t work the way you think it will.

    Eagle crunch looks so difficult!! Or I’m just not coordinated enough to do it lol

      1. That really stinks when something you’ve been dying to make doesn’t turn out. Hopefully the next recipe you try is a winner!

    1. Everyone in the school dresses up on Halloween afternoon, but we don’t do treats and a party with the little guys, just a movie afternoon

      1. Yes they can’t regulate well at that age so end up over eating and getting sick:(
        Yes I dress up for the afternoon:)

      2. I was thinking they’d be bouncing off the walls from the sugar more than getting sick … I don’t blame you for not wanting to go down that road! Hope you take a photo of your costume.

      3. That’s right – I should have thought of that because you had the backs of them when you took the pic on the grass and the leaves a week or so ago. You’d have to take a picture of the back of them and say “guess what they were?”

      4. Yes, it’s not breaking any protocol but especially if their costumes are readily identifiable … Spiderman, Princess, Clown, etc. then show it to them afterward. Recruit your mom to take it … she enjoys these school things as much as you do.

  3. Sorry the yogurt and hot chocolate experiments didn’t work out. Although it was a good experiment! The eagle crunches do sound really crazy and hard to do – but like they would have a good effect on ab strength.

  4. Ooh, Eagle Crunch looks fun! At least you can’t fall over like you can in standing-up Eagle! And I find it so good for my shoulders. I’m going to try that next time I do circuits!

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