Well a few more things got marked off the list today. I googled lists last night and so my mom and I are testing out Wunderlist; so far, so good!


I got back to routine today and got out for my Sunday morning run. It wasn’t a particularly great run- slow and my legs definitely didn’t feel strong, but it got done:)

I wish I had gotten out for another run this afternoon as I will yet again not get my mission as I have a massage after school tomorrow:(


My cousin came and dropped off his truck. It’s a good thing I store this for him as it ensures I see him at least twice a year!


I got a baby present mailed away, wood picked up to hang my alphabet rug, a lightbulb bought, figured out my spare room light, and got woolite and a collapsible cart from my parents. I tell you shopping at the house of mom and dad has the best prices🤪. I’m glad the day started off with some success as I checked out another two furniture stores and didn’t find a new couch and I looked into Ting My Doorbell, but it’s $250! I’m going to have to do more research!

I checked out Costco and saw good planners for $10! Oh well, I will have to remember that for next year, but for anyone who hasn’t bought one- look at Costco!!

Cool Moment:

When I was at the store, the cashier recognized me. I taught her daughter in grade two and she is now starting teacher training. It was so cool to have this moment!!

On Friday, I also got presented with my 15 year pin at work. I’ve been working 16 years, but they don’t count my first year towards it:(


I had a lovely long nap this afternoon on my comfy couch:). Then I enjoyed watching several Hallmark movies on my new large tv. I so enjoy “Cooking With Love”, especially the moment where Kelly sends Steven a picture of her spaghetti as that’s something I would do. This movie always makes me want to cook!


I am working along on my 22.5 degree scarf. It really is taking forever and definitely doesn’t reward me with much progress:(


Ugh! I can’t include any pictures today as I have no space left:( I’ve already taken out all my book and movie pictures and so don’t really know what else to do:(. Any suggestions are welcome as I am getting tired of writing about this problem!

Oh and if anyone knows how to get to other people’s posts you’ve saved- can you please tell me🙂

I’m back to my Hallmark movies:)

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “A Few More Things

  1. Work related — having the cashier recognize you must have been an exciting moment. I’ll bet your example spurred her on to go into teaching. The 15-year pin is exciting to me. Congratulations, even if it should have been 16.

  2. AJ – reading your blog, and being back into Guiding, are among a couple of other things motivating me to complete my science degree to become a science teacher. Well done on your 15 years of service xxxxxxxxxx

      1. Especially when I cannot have any of my own. I enjoy my voluntary work with kids, and now I think I have finally found my “calling”. This way I would get the best of a few world’s: 1) working with kids 2) having fun with kids and 3) giving kids back each day.

      2. I’m glad to hear you’ve found the right fit for you:) even with the hard work, I enjoy spending my days with kids

  3. That’s crazy you got recognized at the store! Small world.

    I was at Costco the other day but it was kind of crowded so I wanted to get in and out. I had no clue they sold planners and $10 is a fantastic price. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yes I get recognized all the tome. I think it’s because of my height.
      Yup I didn’t know either or I would have bought one there!

      1. That could be. I also feel like I’ll be out and recognize someone but can’t remember why. Then I feel like I’m staring at them to figure it out

  4. Sorry to hear about the space issue, I have been blogging for years on wordpress.com and haven’t run out of space yet. Some of the packages aren’t too expensive and will give you more storage, I’d expect.

    We’re looking at doorbells with cameras that you can access remotely too – how funny!

  5. You had an industrious day so I think you are back to 100% after being down and out with that cold earlier this month! Have fun tomorrow at the Halloween party – delete some more old picture so you can post a picture of your costume and maybe more!

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