This has to be quick as I need as much sleep as possible to deal with tomorrow!


My students are getting crazier by the hour because of Halloween. Today we did a new poem – Skeleton Parade, in many spooky voices and we wrote about our favourite candy.

We looked at the Scholastic Book Fair and had computers. This afternoon we played Halloween games in gym and did some more of our pumpkin investigation. Tomorrow is the big day for counting seeds and carving faces.


On my breaks, I finished up watching Love at First Dance. I really liked this movie. I liked how at the start the female lead stands up for herself and makes the arrogant hero follow the same rules as everyone else! I wish I was better at this. I liked how the characters help each other grow. I also liked how they got to know each other in a non-romantic way for 90% of the movie. The ending was also super cute! I watched it three times!


After work I made pumpkin muffins to use up my leftover pumpkin, once I separated all the seeds out of the school pumpkin guts. I must have been on s pumpkin roll! I used this Recipe and the one I tried hot was really good plain, with vegan butter and with vegan cream cheese. The rest have all been frozen!


Tonight was knit night and I managed to get partially casted off for the shawl/scarf. Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow and able to share it.


I’m looking into blogging plans, but for $60 I only get 6g of storage- doesn’t that mean I’m going to be having the same problem in a year?☹️

Well I’m off to get some sleep so I am patient tomorrow.

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “A Quick Note

      1. In the user’s manual, it said I could not set the phone’s resolution. It would always be too large to suit me. If I transfer a group of pics, I sometimes have a choice of smaller files. The ones that are too big, I reduce with Paint or the photo app that is a part of Windows 10.

      2. I think I’ve figured out how to make the pictures smaller in WP but we’ll see if it helps the situation

      3. I have been going in and taking the pictures from actual size to large and it must have helped a bit because I was able to put a picture up last night

  1. Those muffins look delicious! I didn’t get any pumpkins this year but I wish I did solely to make roasted pumpkin seeds. You should totally grab some after carving today!

    1. The muffins are really good! I just bought a tiny pumpkin for home and I’m hoping the kids won’t eat too many of the seeds and then I can have some!

  2. Hope the day goes well. How I remember those days in school just waiting to get home to dress up and trick or treat!! Now I dread the little ones because they send our dogs crazy with each door bell ring. Today is rainy here so who knows how many we will even get.

    1. Yes my students have gotten noticeably more excited by the day! I can only imagine what today will be like.
      It’s supposed to rain here too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a calm night for you!

  3. Sounds like you shall have a fun Halloween, AJ. Live it big! I wish it was not on a weekday though.
    From the sound of your movie, I got a very Georgette Heyer vibe. Have you read her? She is one of my favourite Regency romance writers. xx

    1. Oh I’ll just be trying to survive today 😳. I prefer Halloween on a weekend too! Wish it was always the last Saturday in October!
      Yes I’ve devoured everything georgette heyer ever wrote🤣

  4. Oh Aj. My Zach is not happy teaching this year. I dont know how to help; Students are disruptive in every class. COunselors, security and Teachers have more than their hands full. Im trying to help him make the most of his time AWAY from work . Trying to encourage his running and his yoga. He misses his MExican students. I’d do anything for him to be happier. I think we just have to hang in there, keep listening, going to the city, taking him out and hoping and praying…..

    1. Oh no:(. That’s the worst when work is not a happy place. What grade is he teaching? That must also be quite a shock going from Mexican system to US system.
      You’re doing what you can and that’s the best thing. I know in my bad years, I tried to make life outside of school as good as possible! Always give him something to look forward to!
      I definitely love my running for helping with work stress! It’s even better if you find people to run with as them you can vent to them! I wonder if there’s any other teachers at his school who run?

  5. Oh gosh… I can’t imagine a full class of young ones just hours before halloween activities. Mine were bouncing off the walls when they got home from school… and that was before any sugar rush! Lol

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