Well it’s been quite the day!


The children were slightly crazy, but we got a few things done. We made a class book about our favourite part of Halloween. I asked the children to be specific and they did pretty good, though there was a lot about trick or treating and candy!

We carved our class pumpkin and watched Hotel Transylvania around our costume parade.

My students were super excited that I was a bee as I am called Miss B at school.


I finally finished 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm! I will provide a picture when I get some daylight, but I’m quite happy with it!


I headed out tonight to keep a friend company who was on her own as her husband was at the hockey game.

It was a great Halloween! I got to open the door about five times for kids. This is only the second time I’ve gotten to do that so it was fun! We also watched the Hallmark movie, October Kiss. There were plenty of parts to laugh at, but it was cute and definitely appropriate for the occasion! We are way too many treats!!!

Clean November challenge starts tomorrow!

Have fun!


47 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Love the costume!! I loved opening the door when I lived at my parents house to see all the different costumes that kids wore. I can’t wait to do it when we live in a neighborhood

  2. I love your bee outfit! We leave the lights off here if we don’t want trick or treaters and that was totally respected this year, which was great (I used to give out books, then one year I found one all torn up the next morning and was so upset!).

      1. we did our trunk or treat on Friday, the day I have the most students so we did pajama day yesterday!

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