It was back home for me today.

Our day started out quietly with just reading and my brother and sister in law showed me how to get to podcasts so I can listen to them as I run.

I headed out in the car and easily made the 12pm ferry.

The beautiful weather definitely made it nice and I just sat in my car reading and knitting. I’m glad I had nice weather as otherwise I would have been more upset that I wasn’t able to fly over.

I have to admit I was nervous driving as I seemed to be incredibly tired and my head was back to hurting fiercely. I did make it home safely though.

I made myself stop for a few groceries on the way as I knew I wouldn’t be going back out.

In fact, I laid down and had quite the long nap once I was home. Unfortunately it didn’t help with the sore head and tiredness:(

I have spent the evening reading the first of two books in a NetGalley read. I think I’ll get back to it so I can tell you about them tomorrow.

Well actually, I’ll probably just go to bed🤣

Have fun!


Busy Family Visit

It was a busy day but full of fun stuff!


I tried out my new Libby app that connects right to the library and found the book The Kissing Quotient.

Wow what an awesome book! It tells the story of autistic Stella who is under pressure from her parents to have a husband and children, but Stella finds it very difficult to have relationships. A jerk at her office tells her that she needs to practice to get a guy to like her so Stella hires a professional.

Michael and Stella’s relationship quickly moves from professional.

I really liked the characters of Michael and Stella! Stella is well written and portrayed fairly! Some of her characteristics even made me wonder if I’m a little aspbergers ( I’ve heard we all are). Michael is also a very interesting character who remains a bit of a mystery for a lot of the book. He is battling demons from his past, but you don’t really get a clear picture of what they are until later in the book.

The back-up cast of family is great! At the start I really didn’t like Stella’s mom and preferred her dad, but at the end that had reversed. Michael’s Family is huge and crazy and awesome. I really liked the relationship between him and his cousin- so realistically guy!

The only small bit that bothered me was the problem at the end of the book as yet again it hinged on miscommunication. It was well done, this is just my least favourite problem style.

I read this book in a day and enjoyed every second!!!


I ran with my sister in law down to my nephew’s soccer game. It was a definite challenge as there were hills and she is fast! It at least got done though!


We headed out to the bonfire as a group and enjoyed a few hours of socializing.

It was great to see the kids out in the bush playing with sticks and running all over the place. My nephew and brother were having a blast! I was thankful for the couple of women who approached me and I had a conversation with. The best part of the day for me was having a gluten free, dairy free burger as this family is celiac too.

I just have to throw this picture in of my fur niece as she is just so cute! She never lets my brother out of her sight though!


Miracles of miracles my brother and sister in law ended up with a child free night. I offered them the chance to have a date night but we all went to the local pub instead after they voted. I enjoy pubs more than restaurants and the fish tacos at McRae’s were amazing! The nachos and drinks were good too!


We settled down for a movie when we got home but made the mistake of letting my brother choose. Monty Python’s Life if Brian could definitely be funny, but wasn’t really what I was in the mood for tonight. I probably couldn’t talk him into a Hallmark movie.🤣


I started on my next project when we spent an hour in the car each way getting to the bonfire. I have chosen 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm. I’m loving it so far, but it is kind of mindless at this point. We’ll see how I do on the scallop edge as that seems a little scary to me.

Well I’m happy to be going to sleep earlier tonight!

Have fun!


A Different Day

It was a different day, but a lovely change.


I managed to get extra sleep and do my ProD on “loose parts”. It was really neat to learn more about this theory that started in 1971. Though it originally started with outdoor play spaces, I am hoping to do a smaller version within my classroom. I definitely agree with the theory that children are more creative when they are given materials with no set purpose or directions. As kids my brother had GI Joe and LEGO and I had barbies and stuffies, definitely items that lent themselves to a lot of imaginative play. I now have a very long list of items to collect and need to do some further investigation on activities to do in my classroom with these!


I caught an afternoon ferry to the island and have spent a lovely evening with my brother and his family. I carved the bottom pumpkin with my niece, well she carved and I sorted the seeds from the guts. Maybe this will count for my Fall bucket list!

Lots of cups of tea, a puzzle, watching my niece do rhythmic gymnastics and going on a great walk with my sister in law. It was straight uphill, but the view made it worth it!

We even saw a little snake, but I won’t put that picture up in case it bothers people.

Well, I’m off to sleep as those kids will be up early!

Have fun!


Sleep, Read, Repeat

It was another quiet day spent in bed.

My head finally stopped hurting sometime during the night and today I just suffered with a cold. Thankfully, I slept a lot!


In between sleeping, I did finish two books.

First I finished Hard Justice by Lori Foster. I really enjoyed this book because of the characters. They were fun and interesting and not stereotypical. The whole series is about bodyguards so there is some drama, but I felt like this book had less than the other books in the series.

I also finished Close Contact so I am completely up to date on the series now. This one was also good, but not as amazing as Hard Justice.


I also finally put together the purple bag. It became a lot simpler when I realized that I had messed up on the pocket. It was supposed to be ribbed. Since it wasn’t I decided not to make the flap. The pattern was from my book 25 More Bags to Knit. The instructions were very clear, but I don’t think it was the most efficient method of creating the bag.I’m glad it’s done!


I have to admit to being slightly miffed at my brother tonight. I’m heading over to see him tomorrow (hopefully will produce some more interesting blog posts) and I get a text saying that instead of going out to the bonfire with the family, I’ll be staying home with my niece for the day. I love my niece, but it doesn’t exactly make me feel welcomed or make me want to spend a couple hundred dollars to go be their babysitter! Grrrr, family , love them but they can drive me crazy!

Well, I’ve been awake for over an hour so it is definitely time to go back to bed!

Have fun!


Sneeze, Sneeze, Cough

I’ve done nothing but sleep and finish a book. Ok not one, but two books.


I finally finished Not Quite Over You by Susan Mallory. I have loved Sudan’s Fools Gold series and her spinoff series and this book was no less enjoyable overall:)

This is a second chance romance about Drew and Silver. They had a child together during a whirlwind teenage romance, but can they overcome their present lives to be together now?

I have to admit it took me a while to get into this book. While I loved the supporting friend’s cast and catching up in what was happening in Happily Inc, I found the mother and aunt characters very off-putting.

The plot was realistic, though perhaps a little on the slower side than usual. I liked that it was plausible. There was no real high drama, just life which is what I prefer in a novel.

I’m glad I persevered though as boy does it have a great ending!! Thank you to Susan Mallory, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I also finished Worth the Wait by Lori Foster. This is the second story in the Guthrie Brothers series and I loved it!

What a great read! I sat down with this book this afternoon and haven’t moved since. The characters are complex and not stereotypical at all. Life hasn’t been perfect and yet they’re all dealing with it. I loved how the two couples were highlighted and yet it wasn’t done in a choppy way at all. I need to read more of this series!

I have absolutely nothing else to report other than I’ve started a third book between naps now!

Have fun!


First of the School Year

I don’t know if it’s a record, but I officially have my first cold of the school year.


I slept extra again today. We got through the day- a Fall Is poem, a patterns smartboard game and drawing our tree in Fall. I definitely didn’t have the patience I usually have. The secretary said I was glassy eyed, the electrician said I was flushed and my kids said I shouldn’t be there. All of this was said without my asking for it!

I stayed late and got a few things done and got my day printed out for tomorrow. I have called a TOC and plan to sleep until I wake up naturally!


I walked Lyndsay’s son home after daycare as she was at a seminar. She bought me dinner at Freshii which was as good as ever! The Buddha Satay bowl with chicken was great, but I am way too full!

I’ve done nothing this evening except read blogs and I am now going to bed!

Have fun!


Ho Hum

It was just another day, only enlivened by the fact that the cold finally managed to catch up to me:(


After sleeping for extra time this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to work. I finally finished prepping the primer sight word game; so am very happy to get that off of my desk.

We managed a talking circle about our weekends before we wrote our journals and we even had time for students to share their journals with the class if they wished! I wonder where all this time came from?

We made a graph of early birds and night owls in math as we have been studying about day and night. I have a class full of night owls! We also had a chance to finish our roll a turkey game from Friday.

During my prep I managed two emails and two sets of the sight word game, but that’s it. I’d like to know why my prep time goes so much faster than the rest of the day?!?!

This afternoon we watched a three minute video about why days get shorter and longer as that was one of the questions the class had about Fall. They had a worksheet about drawing things they did during the day and night and they were amazingly quiet!

Finally at the end of the day we took advantage of the continued sunshine and played outside. I had a parent make my day, by bringing me some of the items I had requested in my email. 🎉🎊


I jetted off after work for a massage. It was fabulous, except I found out that my RMT is only going to work until 3:15 next year. Every year it has gotten earlier and earlier:(. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can try an RMT at the place across the street from my house. Now that would be convenient!


Yesterday I got my food delivery from 2 Guys With Knives.

I managed to get it all separated out, but I think I am very lucky that I didn’t need as many meals as I normally do. Some of the meals are going to be pretty small!

I don’t know that I would order again as it just seems too much like I already make. Maybe I will just use their online menu to come up with ideas of what to make. I had the chicken, green beans and mushroom risotto for lunch today and it was very yummy, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I can’t wait to try the tiramisu, but that has to wait until tomorrow as I had cookies today. (The staff really loved the s’mores cookies!)


I have finished the strap for my bag and still have yarn left, so I will start on the pocket. I’m going to need to hit Michaels or the fabric store for a piece of lining fabric for this bag! Another thing to add to the list to be done before Friday!


As I’ve been working away on the sight word game, I’ve been watching Hallmark’s Autumn in the Vineyard. I really enjoyed this movie about rival vintners. The feud was old, but at least the parents were civil and could work together on things. The only complaint I would have is that it didn’t seem all that “Fallish”.

Well, I’m heading for some extra sleep to try and beat this cold.

Have fun!


A Perfect Crisp, Sunny Fall Day

It was a gorgeous day here, but unfortunately I spent way too much of it inside:(


I got out this morning with my usual Sunday morning crew for a run. I have to admit it was slow and short after yesterday’s half marathon distance. 5.1km was just enough to earn me my morning tea:). Thankfully it was a gorgeous day for a run, through boy was it ever cold!


After a lovely tea, I had to stop for some groceries for Bookclub. I had decided to do the s’mores cookies that Teacher Turned Mommy has done a few weeks ago. They were easy to make and to adapt to gluten free, dairy free, but the true test will be whether they get eaten tonight!

Otherwise, I am also providing baked potatoes for our camping theme Bookclub.


With my house tidy and my food prepare, Ive been back working on the purple bag. I’ve even made progress as I have finished front and back and am working on the strap. I decided to do the strap before the pocket etc, in case I don’t have enough yarn. We’ll see. I am hoping to get this done this week so I can take it over to my niece.


It’s always a good time! We spend just as much time, actually probably more catching up on each other’s lives than discussing the book:). There were seven of us tonight and one extra who stole the show:)

The food was a camping theme and was too delicious!

This month we read Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel. We all liked it which always makes the discussion less interesting.

The girls also introduced me to a new app called Libby on which I can get library books on my phone. This is going to be scary!!!!

I was pretty impressed with myself. The girls all left at 7:46 and I was completely cleaned up with the dishwasher on by 8:03pm. I have a friend named Kari who is an incredible housekeeper and I decided to channel her. It’s quite nice to have the place clean enough that it only took moments to get it clean again.

I’m now in bed and thinking of closing my eyes!

Have fun!


Unofficial PR

It was quite the day!


Seven years ago I was knocked over by an SUV while I was out walking and I haven’t done any long runs since. Physically I wasn’t sure how my knees would do and mentally I wasn’t prepared to be disappointed by not being able to run or by being as slow as I used to be. I have, from time to time wondered if I could do it. A few weeks ago, after a 12km run, I started to wonder if I could do more. I often run Burnaby Lake when I need to do a 10km run and thought it would be interesting to see if I could do two laps.

I saw this the other day and loved it as I’ve often thought that! I just keep upping what I expect my body to do.

Well this morning I woke up, got dressed in my favourite running outfit, picked up my friend Brenda (who was willing to walk for 2.5 hours or more) and headed to the lake. Every half marathon I did I got the time of 2 hours,44 minutes. It was not the time I wanted and I dreamed of being able to do a half marathon in the 2:30s.

I set up my phone for intervals of six minutes and one minute. I usually make myself run the first half hour straight but with trying to go longer, I decided I should start the intervals right from the beginning. As I started off, I think I was running fast as I was afraid I would still be doing a 2:44:54. I did the first loop in one hour, nine minutes. I considered stopping, but my Squad Runner team knew what I was planning and had triple boosted me and I decided that a triple boost couldn’t be wasted on ten kilometers, so I turned around and started back the other way. It was a beautiful morning which really helped! I passed Brenda while I still had 8km to go, which was way sooner than I was expecting:(

I just kept thinking that I just had to run for six minutes each time. I also got to look forward to seeing the cute guy in the green toque who had a great smile:). I noticed on the second loop that I was getting more tired by the end of my six minute intervals, but wasn’t too bad. I hit 18km and thought, huh maybe I should try to do 21.1 instead of just the 20 around the lake, so I did! I skipped my last walking interval so that I could finish in 2:27:58. I surpassed my goal🎊🎉.

I know I can do even better since I skipped that last walk interval. I looked it up and the average for women my age is 2:09 which is not going to happen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 2:20:)


I dropped Brenda back off and then headed home. I parked on the road as I knew I’d be going out again, but then headed straight over to vote in our local election and pick up the groceries for dinner. While I was out, I decided to celebrate my run with a new running shirt from my local running store. There is a Smartwool top I really wanted, but $135 was just too much.

When I got back from shopping, I suddenly wondered that I hadn’t brought my headphones in. I went down to get them from the car and found them on the ground beside my car😳. Thank goodness I went down before they got run over or taken!!!!

Socializing/ Eating/ Knit Night:

After enjoying a lovely nap, I picked up turkey from a friend and headed to Brenda’s for dinner. We had amazing shrimp tacos with avocado and pico de Galla. It was so good, though I ate way too much!

We then enjoyed a lovely knit night. I am still working on the super boring bag, but am at least almost finished the second side! I’ll be happy when I’m done so I can start my scarf!

Well, I’m off to sleep as I have a run in the morning and Bookclub tomorrow.

Have fun!


Glad I Went

I thought about staying home today, but for some reason really wanted to spend the day with my students. Thankfully, it was a much better day!


I woke up this morning with my duvet in a big pile in the middle of my bed. I’m not sure how I accomplished this while sleeping!

I spent a lovely half hour reading my Bookclub book and actually managed to finish it this evening. The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel was a good read. It was not a difficult read and had an excellent pace. The chapters are short and lead you through the book well. It is an interesting mix of research on related topics and the story of Chris Knight’s time in the Maine woods. I can’t even imagine that life, but it was interesting to read about. The book actually has some very interesting and deep things to say about our modern life and society. I’d recommend it to people who enjoy non fiction or learning about interesting people leading alternative lifestyles.


Today, thankfully went much better, and there were no injuries:)

We accomplished a lot which made me feel better. We finally got our turkey poem read, our Friday journals written ( I now know exactly which little girl pays the most attention), another sheet on patterning done, our math turkey game played, and a robot created with our buddies.

Out of the whole day, doing these robots with our buddies was the most exhausting! Lyndsay and I thought it was a great idea to put our kids together for STEM and read The Wild Robot, but so far it has been very painful. We’re going to persevere though and hope it improves.


After school I got a few more items off my to-do list while I watched Hallmark’s Pumpkin Pie Wars. It was a super cute movie, though I may be biased because it is based around two bakeries and a pumpkin pie contest. I thought the feud was a little overdone, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me:)


I did finally get a massage this evening and it was lovely. I booked the next one with her, only to find out they are moving to the next city over. It would only be about a fifteen minute drive, but my whole goal was to get in somewhere I could walk to. I guess I’ll go to her until they move and then make a decision.


I spent a little time this evening knitting on the purple bag. It’s not for me and is super boring so I have to admit I’m not very motivated.

Well, I’m off to bed as I’m thinking of running a very far distance in the morning!

Have fun!