The day didn’t go as I had planned, but was quite lovely.


I was supposed to run for an hour today, but I was super overwhelmed by that thought this morning, so just headed out on the inlet trail. I ended up doing 32 minutes. It was extremely wet, but at least it was something.


After getting dry and having breakfast, my cousin dropped off his truck and it was time to get my mom. We dropped off a few bags at the second hand store. It was raining so hard that my mom and I decided to have a day in. We didn’t do anything huge, but got a few small things done- my shoes sorted, my rug straightened and some outfits put together. I have discovered that I own nothing but solids and stripes:(. We are definitely going to have to do some shopping!


After taking my mom home, I have spent the evening knitting. One of the HPKCHC classes this month requires a quick project that takes less than an hour. I have managed to make a headband out do the leftovers from my scarf! That’s another skein gone:)

Clean November Challenge:

I so need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get some fruits and vegetables. I got exercise in, no alcohol, drank two water bottles and didn’t do too badly on my eating. I think I’m going to have to plan my weekend eating too. I’ve decided that if I don’t plan then the goal will be to have three hours between my meals.

It has been a quiet day, but still nice!

Have fun!



28 thoughts on “Quiet at Home

    1. Yes it is great to be able to deduct a number off my stash!!! I will knit just to be able to do that!
      Yup next weekend when I go shopping I’m not allowed to buy solids or stripes

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