The day was fine, but our assembly didn’t go as it should have! I have to show you the trees on my walk to school this morning!


Today we did a self assessment for the report card and we wrote to veterans with our buddies.

In between we had our school Remembrance Day assembly. My family has always taken Remembrance Day seriously and I teach to it a lot in my classroom. The grade 1s and 2s recited a poem beautifully at the assembly.

Little Poppy

Little Poppy given to me

Help me keep Canada safe and free

I’ll wear a little Poppy, as red as can be

To show that I remember those who fought for me.

However, students ran the assembly with absolutely no practice beforehand. The principal didn’t address what the moment of silence was for and didn’t even have the students stand! There was not even the last post played! This was very different from the previous few years where the ceremony was beautifully put together.

There has to be some sort of middle ground between micromanaging and doing as little as possible!!


I came home, grabbed a spoonful of peanut butter and headed out for my run. I managed to very easily get 5.4 km done, though I had to loop back around the block at the end as I was only at 4.11km and needed 5.3. The run felt good today:)


After warming up, I grabbed my mom and headed to Costco. I got my rotisserie chicken, some toiletries and some scent boost that Maureen had recommended. I got to try it out as soon as I got home too as I got chicken on my jacket:(

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!



21 thoughts on “A Kerfuffle:(

  1. Ha -I love your looping around to get the miles in – running back from supporting our club beginners last night (normally 0.7 miles door to door), I wanted to get some extra in so I didn’t have to run too far on Saturday to get my weekly mileage in. So I went up and down the road with my friend Trudie and then up and down in front of the supermarket till we ran into her husband back from HIS run, then I went all the way down my road and back up again to get to a round 2 miles!

  2. I loved your first paragraph. Sentence one said things didn’t go well at school, and sentence two changed the subject to trees. What marvelous self-control! Your trees are gorgeous. Our trees didn’t try very hard this year.

    1. Lol I’m one of those annoying people who like to concentrate on the positive🤣
      Fall has definitely seemed short this year, but the trees were still pretty

  3. That’s so disappointing to hear the lack of respect. 😦 Hopefully those that ran the assembly can learn from that for next year. That picture of the trees is stunning ! This motivates me to get up and go get my run done for the day. Have a great weekend, AJ!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tree picture – lovely! What a shame about the Remembrance Day ceremony – hopefully it will be better next year. At least your kids had a better learning experience on it.

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