Remembrance Day is a big deal in my family so today was out of the routine.


I went out this morning to run but then realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth. I just couldn’t go on like that, so returned home after just 1.44km.

I had much better luck with my workout tonight. I had to do 3 sets of each exercise- 30 reps, then 20 reps, then 10. After set one I did three minutes of skipping, after set two, two minutes of high knees and then 1 minute of jacks after the third set. I’ve been noticing my lack of strength lately do it felt good to do weights! I did military press, bicep curl, squats, rows, reverse crunch, plank jacks,dips and skater lunges.


We all met for the local Remembrance Day service. My favourite part of the day is probably the fact that we are all together. My city does a 21 gun cannon salute so my job was covering the ears of little Lily. The even better part was that it didn’t rain on us! That hasn’t happened often in the 30+ years I’ve been going!


We went to IKEA to look at couches today, but didn’t really find anything. We had lunch there. My mom has the egg salad sandwich and said it was good, my nephew had the fish and chips and said the chips were good and I had the veggie balls which were also good.

We amazingly only walked out with gingerbread house kits.


As we were dropping my nephew off I managed to catch 20 minutes of a Hallmark movie- Christmas At Pemberley. It looks cute so I’m going to have to try and see the rest of it!


My mom and I worked on straightening the other half of the rug today and on finishing up another big project. It will feel great if these two projects get done!!!


We were both worried about my nephew being home alone so we called him up with the excuse of going out for dinner. We went to Mr. Mikes. Boy has it changed! The service wasn’t great, it took forever to get our food and the two salads and burger weren’t all that great! I think I’d do IKEA again before I did Mr. Mikes:(

We did quickly run into Chapters after dinner so I could get a gift to send to my friend in Mexico. I’m pretty sure it will cost more to send than it did to buy it🤣


I finished the kids book club book tonight. The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech was a quick read, a little sad, but still worthwhile.

This was a very interesting book as there is a lot of mystery to it. It has a great message of how strangers can become family. As well the idea of all of us adding to the life story of everyone we come into contact with.

I’d recommend the book for boys and girls ages 8-10.

Clean November Challenge:

Well I at least got exercise and water today and no alcohol. I hadn’t planned my food, but didn’t eat a ton so I think I’m going to call today a success!

Well I think that’s it for me tonight! I’m already hating the idea that I only have tomorrow really left with my mom:(. We’ll have to make it amazing!

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. I’ve gone out on a run and forgotten to brush my teeth too. It’s the worst feeling!

    It was nice of you and your mom to take your nephew out for dinner so he wasn’t home alone. Too bad the food and service wasn’t very good.

    1. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my mom as sixteen weeks will be a long time once she leaves! My mom and I have spent a lot of time with my nephew so it’s like going back to when he was really little
      It is too bad about the restaurant as it used to be a favourite.

      1. That’s cute!

        I hate when an old favorite doesn’t live up to your memories. Sometimes it’s worth to give the place a second shot since maybe it was just an off day.

  2. 😂 at forgetting to brush your teeth and going back home!!
    I didn’t find any couches I liked at IKEA either. 😔 I do like going there though. It’s a good workout trying to get out of there once you’re in! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Lol I knew it was somewhere I definitely wouldn’t look at on my own so it was good to go with my mom and nephew. They just weren’t soft enough!

  3. I finally found something in your exercise routine that I could resonate with. It’s skipping. That’s exactly where I would begin — skipping all of the fantastic things you do to keep in shape.

      1. We don’t go in rain intentionally. Too often, we think it’s going to rain and don’t get dressed to go out. That’s when we find out the skies were just about to clear for the rest of the day.

  4. This looked like a lovely remembrance day service. I’m glad your workout went well too! And ya can’t ever go wrong with eating in the IKEA cafeteria! It’s part of the fun- always next time, right? 😉

    1. I’ll definitely eat at IKEA again:)
      The service was good but we spotted a sniper cop on top of one of the buildings which seems so weird for my city!

  5. We had a quiet Remembrance Day, we were doing stuff around the house, but stopped for 2 minutes at 11. I’ve been quite ashamed as I always am that I have NO soldiers in my family to remember, none at all! I really wish I’d done a Remembrance Day race as there were some beautiful medals around which would make a lovely commemoration every year.

    1. Oh that is very cool there are Remembrance Day races where you are. I actually haven’t heard of any near me. That would be neat to do!
      I don’t think you need to be remembering family, just generally everyone has served and made sacrifices.

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