It was a crazy busy day, but it had a happy ending:)


It was a bit of a crazy day as I was trying to get more done than I had planned.

We got our Friday journals done. I have the children write about what they liked or learned and I’ve been really enjoying it. It gives me an idea of what sticks with them. I also take the opportunity of a small assignment to be incredibly picky!

We got to our sight word concentration game finally! I’d like to get to this every week!!!

We got gym done and a math activity where the children had to colour in counting by 10s starting at a random number on the 100 chart. I’m definitely doing a better job of this concept this year! The Around the World game definitely helps!

Finally this afternoon we had buddies and collected items to create a nest for The Wild Robot. It was interesting to see what the children chose!

The best part of the this week has definitely been seeing my students really pushing themselves to practice and master their sight word booklets. I know a large part of this is probably the quest for the smelly stickers I give for each list completed, but if it gets them to memorize those words, I’ll do it! I also had four students who moved up TWO reading levels!!! It makes me so excited to see their progress.

Christmas Socializing:

After work I scooted out quickly so I could get downtown to meet up with one of my oldest friends. We had decided to meet up halfway between our birthdays to celebrate. We started with Christmas at Hycroft.

This was my second trip to this and I loved it again. I just love seeing the house!!! It is full of small vendor shops for the season, a cafe and a choir. I hear Santa visits too! There were some neat items. I bought my friend a customizable banner so she can make banners for her parties. I actually bought two and will give the other to another friend:). We wandered this gorgeous house for a couple of hours and then decided we were desperate for food!


We had thought to go to Heirloom which is an excellent vegan restaurant, but decided it would be easier to go back and park at my friend’s place and walk somewhere. We ended up at the Tasty Indian Bistro. It’s new to my friend’s area and she wanted to try it.

We had the rice along with fish curry and lamb vindaloo. It was great, but way too much food!!!


I have been so successful at the “exercise every day” goal of my Clean November Challenge that I didn’t want to screw it up by missing today, so I came home and did yoga. I figure I need this as much as running or weights because of all the running and weights I do. I ended up doing 40 minutes and found this Yoga website I liked as it just gave a list of the poses. I did yoga for years so I don’t feel like I need a video, just something to tell me what to do. I felt much better afterwards!

Well tomorrow is another crazy busy day so I think I’ll head to bed!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “A Happy Ending

    1. Oh that’s where my November Challenge has been good because it has forced me to workout every day and when it’s too late to run or workout- yoga it is!

  1. I took a yoga class once and it was beginning yoga but I was the only beginner and the rest of the class were taking it just for the class as they had had the instructor before. I never could catch up – I was hopeless. 🙂

      1. I took yoga and pilates classes one Summer many years ago. I was behind from Day 1 … it was a Monday/Wednesday class for yoga and Tuesday/Thursday for pilates. Same instructor and all the women enrolled in each class had her before and was really advanced over me. I got my money back for both classes, about $90.00 as I recall and went and bought a portable DVD player, and DVDs for yoga and pilates … a “Dummies” book and a DVD of relaxing music. Last year when cleaning out the basement, I found this Rubbermaid container – looked in and remembered my mom saying to me “you wasted your money – you’ll never do this, you should have stayed in class!” Mothers! She was right – DVDs were still in shrink wrapped cases and DVD was not unwrapped either. Shame on me!

      2. Lol yup that’s why I go to class with a friend- someone to make sure I go. I don’t think it matters if you’re the same as everyone else as long as you enjoy it and stick with it, you’ll get better

      3. You’re a smart cookie AJ – that’s what I should have done but none of my friends were interested in that so I went myself and of course everyone knew one another, so not only was I slow as molasses as everyone was ahead of me but it was a regular gab session so I felt a little out of it as well.

      4. Well I did back in those days – now I am more of a homebody and I don’t like doing things on my own anymore and the crime here is getting so bad, that I’ll venture to see something or walk around somewhere if it is in the daytime, but at night … nope. I probably shouldn’t read the crime forum for our City on Facebook … it is not just coyotes, but other stuff like a women getting her car stolen at gunpoint while pumping gas … yes it was around midnight and I would not be getting my car gassed up at that time, but even at my grocery store, 1:00 p.m. and people getting mugged in the parking lot. Scares me to go out to be honest.

      5. Yes, it is very sad what’s become of the City and it is on the way back – we were in receivership for a while maybe 5-6 years ago, and that, plus the recession made a lot of empty or abandoned houses and they cut our first responders and people got dogs … big dogs or vicious dogs like pit bulls and that is why I follow the crime site as well – don’t want to hear of pit bulls running on the loose, coyotes are bad enough. I just read a story of a Canadian who just finished a very long trek thru three territories – going to read more about him and mention him in an upcoming post – how exciting (21,000 K trek in the Northwest Territories and it took him 10 years to do it and he just finished Friday or Saturday) – saw it on Twitter “Moments”. Wow!

      6. Me neither – I want to look up more info about this trek and mention it – that was 12,000 more miles than me but it took him 10 years …. and the frozen beard – amazing. We had a young man run from California to Maine a few years ago for something called “The Gump Project” and he raised money for charity on this run. He liked Pop Tarts and ate them for his snacks on the go. It took him 99 days to do this – too bad you weren’t off longer for Summer vacation AJ, you could think of this for your Summer bucket list:

  2. sounds like a good day even if work felt more rushed than you’d want. I’m glad to hear your Friday journals are working and helping you get a glimpse into your classes knowledge and what they enjoyed

  3. Wow that house is just spectacular!!! Ooo goodness now I am craving Indian food. I love how much food you get at Indian restaurants cause then the meal lasts a couple days 😉 Have a wonderful week, AJ!

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