I got a lot accomplished today, but it was way too busy!


First thing this morning I was out the door for my regular Sunday morning run. We were out by the river which is a beautiful place to run

But today we saw none of this because it was so foggy I couldn’t even see my running buddy in front of me! When we started running I knew I wasn’t doing the 15km full mission as it was absolutely freezing and I had somewhere to be at 10am! My running buddy said 15 out and 15 back as he was feeling lazy and this was fine with me. Well we ended up doing 7km which just goes to prove you can always do more than you think you can!

This evening I got to try a new form of exercise. Lyndsay invited me to a Deep Stretching class at Oxygen yoga. I had never been before, but I would definitely go back! It reminded me of my old Hatha yoga class and was an excellent stretch. That’s what I need from yoga- not a workout, but a stretch. The icing on the cake was being warm for a change:)


My friend Kathryn was supposed to spend next Sunday with me but she texted yesterday to say it had to be this weekend or not until December holidays. I moved a few things around and managed to spend 10-2 with her:) It actually worked out great because I needed a place to bake normal brownies as I didn’t want to contaminate my kitchen. Kathryn and I have been baking together for years and it was what I needed today! Just some relaxed fun in the kitchen. We made my brownies and. “Better than Salt Dough ornaments for her class. It was great!!!

This evening I decided that one little brownie piece wasn’t enough for each staff member so I quickly made some peanut butter cookies too.


When I got home from Kathryn’s I had to hang around for my food delivery so I decided that I needed to tackle my house. I got rooms tidied, laundry done, new clothes entered into my app, my Christmas cacti checked and repotted, and my dishes done. My house is almost liveable again.

My food was delivered from 2 Guys With Knives and it looks good. I got four dinners out of the Pumpkin Chili and three lunches out of the sausage, kale and bean soup. I like that my collection of Tupperware containers is also growing with this meal delivery service so on the weeks I don’t order, I have containers for the food I make. With getting seven meals out of it, it works out to a decent price per meal for me. I’m not sure it would be economically feasible if I was bigger and couldn’t split them so many ways.

Well I’ve started a new book because I still can’t decide about my chunky yarn knitting. Can anyone suggest a project they like making with chunky wool- maybe it will get me excited!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Just a big lovely infinity scarf to snuggle up in for the chunky wool, maybe? What a productive day! I managed to randomly trim all the big plants in the front and back garden yesterday while my husband installed the new video doorbell (which makes us sound very adult) but now my back aches!

    1. That’s great you got gardening done! I hope you tell us about your doorbell as I’ve been looking into them. Did you need WiFi for yours?

      1. Yes, it works on the WiFi but we have a failover system on the WiFi as our alarm is on it and it supports my work, too. It’s too responsive at the moment so we’re getting film of every bus and passerby but just needs some tweaks. It’s called Ring, I think.

  2. Foggy runs make me feel pretty badass haha. It’s just cool to me!

    That’s nice you were able to make it work and see your friend. I hope the staff likes all of the baked goods!

  3. A good day all around. 😊 I once received a single skein of chunky yarn, which I don’t use, so I knit a bed pad for Max. It was a wool mix, so it is nice for him in the winter. He likes to lay on it.

  4. sounds like a good day. I bet it was a fun time baking with a friend. It must have been very strange trying to run in the fog, at least you knew where you were going

    1. It was so fun baking with her again! We used to do it regularly.
      Yes I think I’d be a lot more cautious if I didn’t know where I was going. It was on a dyke so it’s flat, smooth and straight, perfect for fog!

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