I awoke to a text changing plans, but they changed two more times! 不不 I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee, but then I wasn’t until tomorrow, but then I was until finally this afternoon, it was again put off until tomorrow.


Today was fine! We got through our work and everyone survived. The most exciting part of the day for me was when I was assessing the children’s reading and several more of them moved up multiple levels. I love that!!!

I got a report card done before school, one on my prep and two after school for a total of 13 done so far. I have nine more to go!

We also had a luncheon at school today. We had decided on tacos so I took ground beef along with brownies and peanut butter cookies. The cookies and brownies are all gone so I guess they were a hit:)


I got out for a run after school. I often wonder why some days it’s easy to get out and other days it’s near impossible to convince myself to go for a run. I did 6.2km, not extremely fast or well, but I did it! The best thing was that I got to try out my new headlamp because it was so dark by the time I got out.

I had ordered the Black Diamond Spot Lite From MEC a week or so ago. It came very quickly which was great! I was cursing it at the start as I thought it was too big, but then realized I hadn’t played with the band at all and once I tightened that up I had no problems. This was one of the simpler models available, but I chose this one because it is waterproof to one meter for thirty minutes. With the amount of time I spend out running in the rain, I figured this was the most important feature. Okay the truth is, my mom thought this was the most important feature, but I’m glad I listened to her!


I have decided to frog my vest and make a poncho out of my chunky green wool. It will be warm for work and if I decide I don’t like it, I can donate it to the Christmas Market at school.


I have started a new book and it has me hooked, so I have spent much of my time reading. I am now going to go crawl into bed and continue reading:)

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Make Up Your Mind不

  1. I hope you like the headlight! I need to replace the batteries in mine…how long until I actually do that though lol.

    The constantly changing plans would have driven me nuts!

    1. I liked it last night:). I supposedly have 60 hours of use which is good as Im awful at replacing batteries too!
      Yup it drove me nuts too!

      1. That’s awesome you have such a long battery life! I think mine was short because it was the batteries that came with it instead of ones I put in

      2. True but Im sure itll be close to that long! Otherwise they could get in trouble for false advertising one perk of my job is knowing too much of what a package can say lol

      3. Heehee! I never thought about the rules around packaging! Ill be super happy with that time! Then it will take at least that long for me to replace the batteries不

      1. Bummer for that … you’ll get lots of reading time in as well. Do you read any free books on a Kindle or e-reader besides using your smartphone? I know you have library books too.

      2. Yes I have a kobo as well that I used to use tons but now its mostly just real books or the kindle app on my phone. I get an email each morning with cheap or free books. I e had to make myself stop as Im getting way too many!

    1. They did like the food – it was gone very quickly!
      Oh there are people with real talent on here- I stick to pretty simple things

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