Well I made it through the week and that’s about the best that can be said!


It was a tough day that started with my feet and legs being drenched:(. Why didn’t I put on my boots this morning?

My most difficult boy had a better morning, but unfortunately didn’t hold it together for the rest of the day:(

We got through our Friday journals where we all realized how little we did this week! How did that happen???

We got through a counting by 5s lesson and a STEM activity with our buddies where we built a nest for Roz the robot from the book, The Wild Robot.

It was an okay day, but I think we were all happy to see the end of it!


I finished the second book in the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series,The Rancher’s Rescue by Cari Lynn Webb.

This is the second story in the series and features Ethan Blackwell, or Day 2 as one resident calls him. (I loved this part and giggled out loud). He comes home to run the family guest ranch and to take some pressure off his older brother Jon. He had been in town a few months before and he now has some unfinished business with Grace, the little sister of his high school girlfriend.

The main characters in this book were fine- realistic and well rounded, however, the cast of supporting characters were great! I loved Grace’s mom and Pops, and the judge! What characters! They added a lot to the story!

I spent a lot of this book yelling at the characters in my head as they weren’t communicating. I guess the author did a great job as they were driving me crazy! The book got infinitely better for me once Ethan blurted out his problems.

The setting of this story is great and I really love the fictional town. It seems like a great place to live and grow up.

The one regret I had about thus book was that the couple from the last book only made one short appearance. I would have loved to have seen what Nanny Fantastic could do with this couple!

Thank you to the author for the free copy in exchange for an honest opinion. I really enjoyed the book!


I had a workout with L today and we were just getting into the rhythm of switching up treadmill intervals with floor exercises when the woman called to say she was nearby to pick up the mug she had bought from me. My workout turned into a run to the rec centre with the mug and then a run back. She even honked at me! Who does that? I’m not an inanimate object! She could have just called my name!

I finished up the workout and headed home. It was short but that’s probably a good thing as I’m still sore from my Wednesday and Thursday workouts!


This evening, I prove that I have officially corrupted, Michelle. She is watching Christmas movies in November! We watched Road To Christmas. It was a super cute movie and I even almost cried at the end it was so sweet! Now I need to see more!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. There are endless Hallmark Christmas movies to watch it seems and they are great to work on a craft to. We will be watching Christmas Everlasting this evening. Oh I greatly dislike my feet getting wet! I can take other body parts being drenched but feet – yuck!

    1. Yes I love knitting or sewing to hallmark movies because you glance up every once in a while and that’s all it takes to know what’s happening:)
      Yup wet feet are the worst!

    1. They are! Nothing serious and they aren’t Oscar material, but you can visit or knit and still follow along and they leave you with a good feeling!

    1. Lol I thought of hiding under my covers yesterday, but the heater would be a tight fit🤣
      Hmmm I love Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas for the classic movies. How about you?

      1. lol!!!! no kidding!!

        Those are such good ones- hard to beat for sure. I just loveee Charlie Brown Christmas- it is so nostalgic for me. Others I would say are Three Days (super cheesy, but I have always loved it), and actually I love watching the Harry Potter series during the holidays for some reason! Have a great Sunday, AJ!

      2. Oh I don’t think I’ve ever seen Charlie Brown and I haven’t heard of Three Days. I’ll have to go looking for them

    1. Thank you! It’s like I’m obsessed with being productive, unfortunately I have a hard time having a quiet day where I’m not productive

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