It has seemed like such a busy day with three things in one day, but thankfully they were all wonderful!


My friend Sarah had texted to see if I wanted to do a trail run this morning and it was super nice to look forward to running with someone! We had a forty minute, slow run and it was lovely as we managed to time it for a break in the rain:). Kula has fun too as there must have been some wildlife through that trail recently as he was going crazy sniffing!

Socializing/ Shopping:

After a quick shower, I was out to pick up two other friends and meet a third for “The Olde Farmhouse Sale”. It’s a big sale with tons of vendors held about an hour away. I absolutely loved the shirts by ” Brand Squawk” by was disappointed to find that their extra small was still too big. I actually got called dainty by three different vendors today!

I managed to only buy two small things for myself and finish all but one of my Christmas gifts.

The purple polka dots is a new snack container for work and the other is a microwave bowl:). I’m really excited to use it and thought I didn’t want to have to buy the materials to make either for what I paid for them!

On the way home we quickly popped into Michael’s for one of the ladies to look for some yarn she needed. I managed to come out empty handed🎊🎉

Knit Night:

I came home from the sale to quickly tidy my house before Brenda came over for knit night. I managed to get caught up on my temperature cowl. It’s hard to believe I’m just over a month from being done that!

I also figured out I didn’t have enough yarn to do a poncho out of my bulky green yarn either, so I’ve ripped it out and am making a bag and a bowl out of it. After all this, it must leave my stash!

After this busy, but wonderful day, I’m about to sit down with my knitting and a Hallmark movie.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “1,2,3, 🛑

  1. I’ve been knitting and unknitting, but due to size issues, not yarn quantity. Maybe I will actually knit a hat with out a ripping out, or two! Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Empty handed after visiting Michael’s? What is your secret? I buy something every single time I enter. Would you believe I avoid that end of my local shopping center just to avoid the gravitational pull:)

    1. Lol I usually do, but we were looking when I realized my phone wasn’t with me and I panicked and had to find it instead of looking for some new treasure.
      I’m lucky that the Michael’s is about a twenty minute drive for me so it’s far enough that I really think before I go!

    1. I’m not really a dedicated runner- just trying to balance out my eating! Running with a friend was awesome though and my excitement over it really highlighted how much of a struggle it is to go out on my own!
      Yup a couple of little pieces left to get and I’m hoping I can get them in the village so I don’t have to go to the mall!!!

      1. The microwave bowl works awesome for not burning your hands and dropping your food and the pouch is great as I have different sizes. I just keep them for dry snacks though

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