Im not sure I’ve ever seen it rain as hard as it has today and it hasn’t let up once. I hear there is flooding all over the place and it doesn’t surprise me!


Well we got a lot accomplished: journals about what will happen in December, music class, math practice of skip counting, assessment of skip counting, silent reading, Christmas vocabulary brainstorm and relay races in gym. I spent my prep with my co-teacher starting to plan our December theme. I noticed most of the kids questions were about Santa so we’re going to do a Santa Around the World theme. If anyone knows something about the Santa legend in another country, please let me know. We’re going to try to cover up to 15 countries and do a small activity too.

I’d say it was a successful day and I think being with my colleagues and the kids improved my spirits!

I ran out right after school for a massage that was great. It hurt, but that’s a good thing!


I got two small projects finished tonight that will go into the Christmas market.

They aren’t that exciting, but they did use up another skein. I’ve spent the evening trying to come up with my next project. I have three colours of bulky yarn and only 170 grams in total. Maybe a hat:)


I didn’t want to break my Clean November Challenge, but I also didn’t want to undo my massage so I did a half hour of yoga at home. I used the yoga journal website again and did the standing poses. It worked great! Now I just have to do it more often!


I am reading the third book in the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series. I don’t think this book is helping my mood as it seems a little depressing so far:(


I watched Switched For Christmas tonight. I enjoyed it, but liked Greg much more than Tom! Candace Cameron Bure did a great job of playing Twins!

Well I’m off to sleep!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Torrential Rain

  1. I live in the United States and the legend has always been Santa rides a sleigh and come downs a chimney. I am sure Google can share some light on legends of Santa from around the world 😉

  2. It poured here too!! I was driving last night and a giant puddle came out of no where so I drove straight through it.

    I believe it’s Germany but they have St. Nick who comes on December 6th and fills shoes with candy. It sounds silly but it’s true and we did it a few years growing up.

    1. Oh that sounds cool. Thank you!
      I’m hoping for a break in the rain for a run tonight, but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath:(

  3. sounds like a great topic. I usually do winter lights for December and tie in Hanukkah, Chirstmas, Kwanzaa, and the winter solstice. You can do St. Nicholas Day (Dec 5th or 6th)… put candy/oranges in the shoes, St. Lucia’s day (sweeden) create wreath crowns with candles, Mexico they do the feast of the 3 Kings, but you can also do pointsettas. germany is where the christmas tree originated, England uses Christmas Crackers filled with toys and jokes,

  4. Aj dont know if this helps, but Zach said in Mexico the children get gifts from the 3 kings on the feast of the Magi. He also said they bake bread that has a baby (Jesus) figure baked into it. IF your piece of break has the baby in it, you must bring tamales to the family.
    So not much on Santa, but interesting nonetheless.

  5. Great gifts that you have whipped up there AJ … how about a scarf or one of those hooded scarves … it works well as it fits like a hood over your head and wraps up around your neck – you might like it enough and keep it!

    1. Lol I keep little of what I make nowadays, mostly just sweaters for me. I took a huge reusable bag up to school today for the Christmas market.

  6. I know Holland puts straw in their shoes….must have caught that back in an elementary school program, I have no idea why I know that, since I’m not Dutch! Nice additions for the Christmas Mart.😄

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