Our weather is insane here! It was a gorgeous sunny day (nice enough to take the kids out to play) until exactly 2:20 when our earthquake drill started.😖😫


We did our last overt lesson on pre reading strategies and I think most of them have gotten it.

We did some practice of counting by 5s backwards.

We also did an art lesson that was led by three of the girls in my class. This is quite the surprise as one of these girls was so shy last year she wouldn’t talk at all! It’s been nice to see her come out of her shell this year!

This was of course interrupted by a lovely earthquake drill where the first drops came down as we were exiting the building and by the time we got to go back in, it was pouring!


I got to enjoy the rain bouncing off the sidewalks even more during my run. I ended up only doing 4.5km as I had had enough! Every part of my body was dripping!

I was thankful for the Clean November Challenge though as it got me out the door in this terrible weather!


My package from Amazon arrived today.

I can’t believe that the slime and the LEGO were the same price! The LEGO box is about a fifth of the size of the slime. I might have to get something to go with it just so that it looks more equal as these are for a brother and sister.

Of course since I was getting a package anyway, I may as well get a little something for myself too😜


Tonight was my blind date that a parent in my class set up. I really didn’t want to go as I was freezing and tired and really just wanted to go to bed!

I went and it was okay- he was a nice guy, but not the nice guy for me. I feel like he thinks I’m a ditzy blonde. Then he mentioned being fatigued and I knew he still had a drive home so I said I should let him go and he acted surprised. So then I was left feeling socially awkward, as usual. The date ended with a hug, but not any hopes of a second date.

Now I’m home in my cozy bed with my knitting and a movie. Night!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “A 360

    1. Yes LEGO is super expensive but since my brother at 40 is still into it, I don’t hold out hope of ever not having to buy it:(
      The date was fine, but I even had to buy my own tea. Nice guy but just didn’t feel any common groubd

    1. Yes winter rain is just horrible if I have to go out. I don’t mind it if I get to stay home:)
      Ugh I don’t know why I keep putting myself through this, i already have a good life!

  1. I don’t think you have to buy a different toy. Its a lesson in how things come in different sizes, albeit if you must here’s a trick that never gets old wrap it in the daily funnies, and included a set of coloring pencils. Its a instant color booking and a few hours of fun 😉

  2. I don’t think you should buy a second toy to pair with the Lego kit. Personally I like to stick to around the same dollar amount for gifts. Sometimes that means one person appears to get more if it’s a few smaller items put together.

    That is crazy it started pouring during the earthquake drill! You would think they would have planned it better so no one got wet.

    1. I probably won’t buy another gift as I do keep my nieces and nephews gifts equal.
      We were supposed to have the earthquake drill on Thursday but the morning had been dry and sunny so it was moved 🤣

  3. When my son outgrew his love of LEGOS I was so glad I didn’t have to buy them anymore. The price is insane. Now he likes video games and those are even more expensive but at least I don’t step on those in the dark:)
    Dating is so difficult. In Boston there is a group that meets do to activities like wine tasting, hiking, and other varied activities. It is for people who are single. You aren’t paired but get to meet people with the same interests. Maybe you have something like that in your area. It’s so much easier to meet people in a group and see if something sparks without the one on one pressure.

    1. Yes the LEGO obsession is alive and well in that side of my family. I just avoid the playroom!
      They do have events and adventures here but it’s very expensive and I’m just not willing to spend the couple hundred dollars a month fee plus the cost of events, though not having the one on one pressure would be nice!

  4. Lego is an expensive brand and if he has a decent collection of Legos he should know that it is not an inexpensive gift even if the box is smaller than the slime.

    Being set up by parent of a student would be super awkward. I wouldn’t want to be put into that situation.

  5. I have the Disney castle and then I also have a lot of holiday Lego for decorations. I have a whole Lego scene on my counter for Christmas. Oh and there may just be about a dozen other Christmas Lego around the kitchen area

  6. Mother Nature and her 360s!!! I was laughing at you suggesting he had a long drive and should get going – he looked surprised but had already said he was fatigued. Knitting and TV a better choice. 🙂

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