I was off today for several appointments so not my typical week day.


I managed to sleep in until 8am today and that is very rare! I have to say I enjoyed my night after I got home from my date last night though. I snuggled into bed and watched a DVD on the TV in there. I’m so glad my mom convinced me to put the tv in my bedroom and not get rid of it. It felt so decadent to be able to do this! I still went to sleep at 9:30 though, so got lots of sleep!


I did great at adulting today though. I walked over to my second appointment of the day and managed to mail my ballot and drop off my prescription for filling. On the way back I remembered to stop in and see if the local store had any good coffee travel mugs and picked up my prescription. I also tried to buy the ingredients to make vegan cream of mushroom soup, but the store didn’t have what I needed:(

I would definitely call this trip a success!


After a lovely nap this afternoon, I went out to complete the Squad Runner mission. I once again was running in horrible rain. I think I’m developing webbed feet from running in torrential rain so often! The run went well and was once again very consistent in timing. I just wish that timing would get a little faster!


I found a three colour striped scarf and have started on that. So far I am super happy with how it’s looking as it’s in pinks and cream and is very soft! Hopefully I get it done by November 30th and hopefully it uses up all three skeins!


I finally managed to finish my current book, The Rancher’s Redemption by Melinda Curtis

This is the third story in the series and follows Ben Blackwell, the lawyer. He returns home to battle Rachel Thompson over water rights and perhaps put his past to rest.

I have to admit I had a difficult time getting into this book as the start seemed to be quite depressing to me.

About 2/3 of the way though it grabbed me. I began to like both of the main characters as they had their flaws and their redeeming features.

I also liked the family dynamic on both sides. These families are both very realistic.

I did find the ending a little short. I really thought it was resolved a little too easily, however, the epilogue about Big E will have me reaching for the next book.

Thank you to the author and publisher for the free copy in exchange for a review.


Another date tonight, and hopefully the last of the set ups. Once again I really didn’t want to be going, I’d rather be watching a movie in bed on this rainy, dark night!

It definitely went better than last night. He talked a lot, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was as nervous as I was. He can have a second date if he wants one, so we shall see.

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Appointments

  1. I love productive days off from work during the week! Having a tv in the bedroom is the best. It’s so nice to snuggle up and watch something. I like it for nights where Alex is away because sometimes I’ll get paranoid and need to watch something so I don’t think about every little noise I hear.

    To get faster at running try adding in intervals. It helped me a lot!

  2. I had a black and white TV in my room that sat on my chest when I was younger so I could watch my TV shows and my parents had theirs and this was long before we had a VCR and you just plugged the TV in and needed no cable connections or anything fancy. In fact I remember watching Diana and Charles wedding on that TV in my room before I went to work. Now there’s a flash from the past. Sounds like it was a good day off and a date to boot and you’ll consider a second date – he made a better impression than the night before!

      1. That’s funny. Years ago in my first and second year of college I worked on the school newspaper. The entire staff got along great and none of us were dating anyone and we all hung out as a group every weekend and in the newspaper room where we typed up articles and put together the paper. So one guy was really nice, a little older, and he worked at Olympia Stadium where the Red Wings used to play until they moved to Joe Louis Arena (and now a newer stadium last year). So this guy’s name was Tom and he was an usher there every night. So a friend of Tom’s was in a class of mine and Tom says “so and so would like to take you out” … (I can’t remember the guy’s name now) and he is going to ask you tomorrow to go to a Red Wings game this Thursday night and you guys can meet me there while I’m on a break and we’ll grab a bite to eat together – it will be fun. I liked Tom (just as a friend) and didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I didn’t want to say “no” but I didn’t want to go on this “date” either. I cut class the next day (and I never cut class) and made sure I didn’t run into the guy anywhere … the game was on a school night BTW. What I didn’t know was that Tom gave the guy my home phone number (no cell phones back then). So, I was feeling pretty proud for having dodged the guy and gotten out of this setup date and I got home and my mom who was always pushing me to go out, and kept saying she hoped I didn’t go to my grave with the same last name, cheerily says “so and so called and asked for directions to the house because he kept missing you – I helped you out by giving him directions.” Well thanks mom. This guy couldn’t make conversation. He picked me up from the house and we drove to the stadium, said about 100 words altogether … and that was talking about how nice Tom was. I don’t know anything about hockey (or any sport for that matter) (I had no brothers and my parents didn’t watch sports) and I sat there … Tom came along and at least I had someone to talk to. It was a horrible night! I relived it with your date #1.

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