I worked every extra second today and managed to submit my report cards this afternoon🎉🎊


My students were wired and crazy today and then I found out this afternoon that all the classes were like that! I thought we were done with the full moon!

We got through writing to Santa this morning. The children got to ask for one present and then ask Santa a question. They had some very interesting questions! Which makes your sleigh fly- the sleigh or the reindeer? Do you have children? How naughty are the elves? Etc.

We also started counting by 2s. It was a bit of a challenge for a lot of the kids, but we’ll get there.

This afternoon was a little crazy! While my class was at computers an EA came and got me as my friend Lyndsay’s class was without a teacher so I hung out with them for my prep. It turned out Lyndsay had to take her sick son home and called for a TOC, but at the same time our sub secretary went home sick and a new one came so no one knew Lyndsay had left and that no TOC had shown up.

See it was just one of those days!

After school I read report cards until my eyes were crossing and then finished up the prep to be able to start Santa Around the World next week. It was a late night, but hopefully it will help next week!

I do have to say that I have the most amazing co-teacher! I came into my classroom to plan to see a package sitting on my desk.

Last year we both had the David’s Tea advent calendar and weren’t really impressed for the price. I can’t wait to try this one out as Twinnings is one of my favourite brands. I had just been thinking today that I need to figure out an advent calendar for myself this year.


I got home and realized exactly how late it was when I immediately had to head out to Athletic Yoga. I swear that class was trying to kill me today. It probably didn’t help that all I could think was that I was hungry!


I still hadn’t had confirmation of my tickets to visit my parents so I called tonight and the lady said it was confirmed. I like confirmations!

I have to admit I’ve crawled into bed and turned on a Hallmark movie on. It will be lovely way to end the night!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “They’re Done!

  1. The Santa questions are so cute! I love hearing questions from kids since they can be so creative and out of the box.

    That advent calendar looks so fun. It would be a great way to try new teas as well without buying a big one. I remember loving your review of the David’s Tea so I can’t wait to read about this years.

  2. Nothing like finding a treat unexpectedly. AJ you asked how the yarn box worked , that I showed on my blog yesterday. The box holds your skein, and there is a little opening you can see on the far side of the box to thread your yarn. It just keeps it from rolling everywhere. The front side of the box is just a convenient needles sizer.

  3. I got a tea advent calendar this year too, it is from adagio teas. I gave this to my mom and mother in law too. I hope it is worth it.

    Glad you got your report cards finished. I’m glad I don’t have that with the job I have now. one advantage of working with the little littles.

    1. Oh I’ve never even heard of that tea company! I hope it’s great! I am so looking forward to starting mine tomorrow:)
      Yes but you must have the patience of a saint!

  4. I never thought of Santa and Mrs. Claus having kids – interesting question. The advent tea calendar is a nice way to enjoy a different tea every day. I remember you saying you had tried different teas when I first followed you and didn’t realize it was from an advent tea calendar.

    1. Yes I had bought a tea advent calendar last year but wasn’t really impressed. The flavors in this advent calendar sound really good so I’m hoping for better this year:). I like trying new teas all the time but it’s expensive to buy a big box!

      1. I bought some green tea again for the Winter – I don’t like green tea, never have, but once a year I decide to try it again. This year I saw they had peppermint for the holidays so maybe that box will at least taste good. Did you see the tea that Mackenzie wrote about in her Friday Faves – it had tumeric in it and she said it was good for inflammation for her knee from running. Might be good for you after a long run?.

      2. I’m not sure I’d like green tea with peppermint. I usually like it either plain or green tea with honey and lemon flavor.
        I did read about that tea and it sounded interesting, but my tea is my sweet snack so I’m not sure it would satisfy that.

      3. I was going to Google it as I have something wrong with my arm … I think quite honestly it is from keeping my left arm a certain way all day while I am typing … I use a laptop at the kitchen table and I am at work from 11-5:30 and then I stop for something to eat then come back to catch up on e-mail, Facebook and in WordPress. Within the last three weeks I cannot lift my arm or reach around behind my back. I have been icing and putting a heating pad on it … my mom had a lot of different items she used for her sciatica … today it seems better and that is because I have been working in the house all day. I didn’t want to take Tylenol for it – don’t like to take pills, just vitamins, so I was interested when I read about that tea.
        Going to Google later and see if anywhee aorund here carries it … I’ve never tried tumeric so want to read up on that as well.
        I can’t get past the green tea taste … I bought four large packages for over the Winter so I figured I’d get it down so I’m not wasteful. 🙂

      4. I am the same in that I avoid pills, but I do hope it improves quickly. Can you try sitting a different way? Or maybe you need to take a break and read a book😖

      5. I’ve reconfigured the table yesterday and I have a backup laptop and have boosted it up by putting it on a dresser where I have to stand up so I’ll see how that works. I try not to use my left arm, but now have to sleep on my right side and pulling the blanket over with my left arm about kills me … it is a brief pain, but still. And reaching behind … I have to step away from the computer more – yes a book would be a good alternative …:)
        I feel attached to the computer so I need to find a more ergonomic way to approach this – sigh.

      6. I have to read more on the ergonomics as I am sure it has something to do with my sitting and posture. I am here so much more now due to the blog. A year ago I only had 20 people following my blog and out of them only 1 person commented … the other person who routinely commented was my neighbor who passed away in August 2017. So, I was not interacting with anyone and so I only really was on WordPress when I wrote a post or to check for comments. Then the blogging took off and I am on here even more hours – the dresser won’t work … I reconfigured stuff there but it was not good lightwise and nowhere to put a light and the bedroom ceiling light was not good enough, so have another idea to try tomorrow. I have been looking to stand up as well – a friend has bought a stand-up computer table – it actually looks like an accordian and goes on top of a table and it is made specifically for laptops – she likes it, but I would consider getting that, want to ensure it works first, so going to have another option tomorrow. Yes, I can’t pick up the blanket to cover up after getting into bed unless I pull it with my right arm across the bed and I keep seeking alternative ways to do things to baby it. Not happy about it. When our law firm moved to a new building years ago, we had wooden pods and an ergonomic expert gave the staff a talk on how to reach and sit and then came to all our workstations to ensure we had staplers, paper punch, phone, all at a good angle for reaching. I could use one of those experts now but I’ve found some things on the internet but will delve further. I think you have to look up at the screen … that was why the dresser was not going to work either – I was looking down at it.

      7. Thanks AJ – I have to go through some ergonomic sites to ensure I am not messing myself up worse, but I’ve sat at this table and chair for about 8 years now … I think it is the increased time in this position.

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