Curriculum Day

We have had a new curriculum to implement this past year and so have had a few days added to work with it.


I spent the morning exploring assessment with my staff colleagues. It was fine, but if the government thinks a couple of days are going to make me proficient with this new curriculum- they are crazy! I feel like I need a good month to just read it and try to understand it. Of course we don’t get that, we got to implement it before we even got to read it:(

At least we got the afternoon to start writing our report cards, which, surprise, surprise, are also brand new! 😫😖


Needless to say, I had plenty of energy to work off in a session with my friend L! I grabbed the bike to warm up to give my legs a break from pounding the pavement running. We then did three sets of sit ups, military press with squat and rows. Then we got to do three sets of knee tucks, deadlifts and sumo squats with military press. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. I’m really noticing how fast I lost the strength in my arms:(


I have family dinner tomorrow. My nephew wanted fruit so I’ve picked up a fruit tray and am going to try a new dip. My brother wanted the cake my grandma always made, but I thought it was going to be way too big but I just heard he’s invited two more people so maybe I’ll make it up tomorrow morning. I did get an apple crumble made. I used the Oh She Glows recipe that can be found Here. It is super easy and very yummy though I did end up doing it in two dishes so I could save my big rectangular pan in case I get to the white cake in the morning.

I wanted to do the brownies I had made this past summer, but I was missing too many of the ingredients. We will see if I also get to them tomorrow.


I finally finished my next NetGalley book, My One and Only Duke.

This book actually contains the full novel by Grace Burrowes and a short story by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Grace Burrowes introduces a new series to us which features the Wentworth Family. This first story is of Quinn who we meet while he is in prison. He marries Jane, a poor minister’s pregnant daughter, thinking that he will be dead in a matter of days.

I loved how this plot line was quite different from the normal romance novel. The start had me in tears as I definitely didn’t know what was coming.

The characters were great! The Wentworth Family is full of crazy characters and Burrowes definitely has me intrigued about what will happen to them all. I loved how Jane was not a doormat, but rather challenged Quinn and yet was also his equal partner when the need arose. She saves him a few times which is a nice change from the usual.

This novel is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see what more comes of it.

Thank you to Grace Burrowes, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Now I desperately need to get to bed as all that sitting today wore me out!

Have fun!


A Kerfuffle:(

The day was fine, but our assembly didn’t go as it should have! I have to show you the trees on my walk to school this morning!


Today we did a self assessment for the report card and we wrote to veterans with our buddies.

In between we had our school Remembrance Day assembly. My family has always taken Remembrance Day seriously and I teach to it a lot in my classroom. The grade 1s and 2s recited a poem beautifully at the assembly.

Little Poppy

Little Poppy given to me

Help me keep Canada safe and free

I’ll wear a little Poppy, as red as can be

To show that I remember those who fought for me.

However, students ran the assembly with absolutely no practice beforehand. The principal didn’t address what the moment of silence was for and didn’t even have the students stand! There was not even the last post played! This was very different from the previous few years where the ceremony was beautifully put together.

There has to be some sort of middle ground between micromanaging and doing as little as possible!!


I came home, grabbed a spoonful of peanut butter and headed out for my run. I managed to very easily get 5.4 km done, though I had to loop back around the block at the end as I was only at 4.11km and needed 5.3. The run felt good today:)


After warming up, I grabbed my mom and headed to Costco. I got my rotisserie chicken, some toiletries and some scent boost that Maureen had recommended. I got to try it out as soon as I got home too as I got chicken on my jacket:(

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Busy But Unproductive

I feel like I was on the go all day, but don’t really have much to show for it.


I was off for an appointment today so decided to take advantage and get my drivers license renewed. I was lucky enough to walk right in, but managed to screw up still:(. The woman told me to write out my name. Ok, I can do that. I didn’t realize she was actually wanting my signature!! Hopefully this doesn’t cause me serious problems for the next five years! I figure if I get questioned, I’ll just point out the height- no one else is this short!🤪

I went to the dentist and came home in my usual agony:(. The less said the better as I really really dislike the dentist!


My mom and I tried to square up the rug today. This is our second try at it. We undid it and the rug went back to diamond shaped after the first attempt:(. If anyone had an awesome strategy, please let me know. It is about two inches out of square:(

We bought a blocking mat to help, but were surprised with how small it was. My grandma had one that was the size of her table and yet this one is only 36 x 60″:(

I also tried to find an embroidered bee for another project, but didn’t manage to.


I accepted a squad runner mission to run 2.7km for 60 points. Perfect little run for a day when my jaw was still sore. Well I actually did 3km and got home to see the mission had changed to 45 minutes. 😖 I’ve emailed the organizer and I think I should still get points! My run was good though so still a positive even without points:)


I’m into the next NetGalley book though as I write this, I know I should be reading the kids Bookclub book! Oh well, not tonight!

Clean November Challenge:

I’ve taken off the horrendous extra four pounds, though I still want to lose a few more! I wasn’t perfect today as I was out of routine, but not horrible:). Though that reminds me I’d better go have one more water bottle!

I’m off to make myself a tea latte for after my water, and enjoy my book:)

edit: I finished my water, but had to run up to work to lock iPads up for a colleague who had forgotten them. Now it’s time for tea!

Have fun!


Fall Sparkle

After so much rain lately, I looked out the classroom window and everything was sparkling in the sunshine- so pretty!


Today was a busy day with a lesson this morning using the book What Does Peace Feel Like? This is definitely a book I need to buy- it was great! The children had a worksheet to fill out with their own ideas afterwards. They found the ideas came easily, but answering in a complete sentence did not.

We did some skip counting, practices our poem for the assembly on Thursday and worked on our Poppy wreath for the assembly. Nothing too exciting, except the fact I now have thirteen kids working on sight word booklets. It’s going to make for some very busy mornings as they come to read them to me!


I tried a new masseuse today who was a guy. It’s a first for me, but so far I don’t hurt. I’m hoping it stays this way as he is just across the street from me so would be super convenient!


I finally managed to get my sheets changed and my new duvet cover on. I bought the wrong size:(. The duvet is a king and my duvet is a queen. It’s a final sale so hopefully it won’t bug me too much!

The pattern isn’t quite as strong as I would have liked. I’ll have to do my best to be neat and tidy and not get stains from my morning tea on it!


I received a free copy of Kait Nolan’s newest Wishful novella, Once Upon a Rescue

This story of Brooke and Hayden is a sweet introduction to the winter season. Hayden is the sweetheart that helps Brooke out of a tough spot at her animal rescue centre. It turns out he’s sweet all the way through.

The story is short, but the characters are well developed and the reader isn’t left with questions, but is instead left with a satisfyingly sweet feeling. Definitely a worth reading novella!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I have also started and finished my next NetGalley book, Christmas in Cape Cod. It was a lovely book about a man and his best friend. Maddie has had feelings for Asa for a long time, but he finally realizes his feelings during the Christmas season. It’s a sweet friend’s to more short novel. I liked how the characters were portrayed and the plot had a good pacing to it. The only thing I didn’t love was that there wasn’t enough explanation of the back story. I still have questions. It is a good read for the holiday season however.

See this is what I get like when I have a goal- single minded. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. This time, it’s definitely not good for my knitting!

Clean November Challenge:

Not a perfect day, but not too bad either. I had an extra apple and two rice crackers.

I’m going back to my reading now!

Have fun!



I’m loving this daylight savings time in the morning!


Today was a busy day, but somewhat productive. This morning we wrote about a peaceful moment in our journals. Two of my students blew me away with what they wrote. One didn’t surprise me- he is quite advanced for grade one and wrote about his dream of flying over the ocean. The other student though rarely stays still for more than a second so I was surprised he cane up with something and the fact it was so descriptive was amazing. He is very creative and it was great to be able to congratulate him on something academic!

On my prep we worked on getting the report card template ready. Not completely happy with it yet, but it’s at least a place to start!

We also got a skip counting sheet done and a game to practice played:)

This afternoon we tackled the concept of rights and responsibilities. It’s a bit of a tough concept, but I simplified it as things you get to do and things you have to do. That seemed to help, thankfully.

After school I had to sit through a very boring staff meeting where it was confirmed that I won’t be getting any help from student services. It was tough as I had brought pumpkin seeds for the meeting but the two women doing treats had made it a point to get things I could eat. I failed at eating as I had grapes, rice crackers, lemon poppyseed loaf and corn chips:( ugh! There will be no more eating tonight!


I walked to and from work today, but at least wanted to succeed at all my other November challenges, so I headed out for a run. I had a GREAT run! It was short, but done at a decent speed and even better, it felt good!


I finished another NetGalley book this evening, Season To Celebrate. Part of me says I’m down to five and can look again, but the other part says, not on your life!

Thank you to the authors, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

I enjoyed each of these Christmas stories and appreciated how different they all were.

The first story where a new to town doctor meets the returning military hero was lovely. It has a religious side to it, but that did not overshadow the sweet story. I liked how the hero was a little on the shy side, though I have to admit, I didn’t love how a lack of communication drove the whole story. I suppose it is quite true to life though as often we’re afraid to say what we really think it want.

The second story was a friend’s to relationship story with a twist. It was neat to have this story feature more mature characters in their fifties. I liked how this is not the typical characters. I also liked how realistic the male lead was in that he is still beating himself up over past mistakes when everyone concerned had forgiven him. I did think that perhaps this story would have been better dealt with in a full length novel as both main characters seemed to have quite the backstory.

I greatly enjoyed the third story as it is connected to Donna Kauffman’s Bluestone and Bone novel I read a few months ago. I loved catching up with the characters again and seeing any other Brogan settle down happily. I liked how the story started a little on the mysterious side and how the author provided a glimpse to the future at the end. My only complaint was that we don’t know what happened with the lawsuit!

Finally, the last story was super sweet and called to my sports loving heart. I love the idea of an athlete that doesn’t have a big ego and lets the woman of his dreams have the time she needs. It was an awesome conclusion to the book and put me in a great mind frame with its holiday happiness and family closeness.

All in all, this would be an awesome book to start the holiday season with!


My brother and sister in law and heir kids have said they are coming over December 22-23rd. This will almost be like having Christmas, though my parents won’t be here:( I’m hoping maybe I can suggest one family wide activity while they are here. Now I just have to find the perfect one to suggest!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Out and About

It was a day opposite of yesterday!


I had a horrible run this morning, right from the start. Nothing hurt, nothing went wrong, I just didn’t seem to have any “go”. Dennis was super sweet and stayed with me as I ran from kilometer marker to marker, with walk breaks at the markers. I ended up doing 11km, but it was incredibly slow and painful. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the flu shot I got on Thursday night or if it was just an off day?

Thankfully it was even more gorgeous than this with the fall colours, but I didn’t take a picture:(

Of course when I finally hit the parking lot, I shut my app off 2:40 short of the Squad Runner mission. The woman almost hitting me with her car as I was walking is my excuse for this stupidity. I ended up walking around the block of stores later in the afternoon to make up that extra time.

This evening I went out and did the 4km Monday mission, but I was smart and just walked it!


I grabbed groceries on the way home from my run, but then picked up my mom for some much more interesting shopping. We hit the local mall and I got the makeup I needed to replace along with a new duvet cover! I’ve had my duvet cover for ten years so I figured it was time for a new one! I’m just amazed I found one so quickly as it usually takes me forever to make a decision!

We then carried onto the fabric store where I got fabric to finish the back of my rug so I can get that put up in my classroom.

We then hit the last six furniture stores on that road. I liked the furniture at Ashley furniture and the salesman at Moe’s was super cute. Those are the only two places I would bother going back to though!


I came home to get my food made for the week. I must have been craving veggies as I have made up chicken Caesar salad for lunches this week, roasted pumpkin seeds for snack and taco salad for dinners. I can’t wait to eat this week!


I’ve been on the couch reading my newest NetGalley book this evening. I’ve decided I’m not allowed going to the library until I get my home book situation under control!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Quiet at Home

The day didn’t go as I had planned, but was quite lovely.


I was supposed to run for an hour today, but I was super overwhelmed by that thought this morning, so just headed out on the inlet trail. I ended up doing 32 minutes. It was extremely wet, but at least it was something.


After getting dry and having breakfast, my cousin dropped off his truck and it was time to get my mom. We dropped off a few bags at the second hand store. It was raining so hard that my mom and I decided to have a day in. We didn’t do anything huge, but got a few small things done- my shoes sorted, my rug straightened and some outfits put together. I have discovered that I own nothing but solids and stripes:(. We are definitely going to have to do some shopping!


After taking my mom home, I have spent the evening knitting. One of the HPKCHC classes this month requires a quick project that takes less than an hour. I have managed to make a headband out do the leftovers from my scarf! That’s another skein gone:)

Clean November Challenge:

I so need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get some fruits and vegetables. I got exercise in, no alcohol, drank two water bottles and didn’t do too badly on my eating. I think I’m going to have to plan my weekend eating too. I’ve decided that if I don’t plan then the goal will be to have three hours between my meals.

It has been a quiet day, but still nice!

Have fun!


Ready For The Weekend

Today was just another day in life. I’m ready for the weekend!


The children were still off today. Halloween in the middle of the week should be outlawed! We managed to get our Friday journals done. It was interesting that both I and the kids had to look at the schedule to remember that we had charged pumpkins. The good old costume parade seemed to be the most popular.

We had a lot of writing to do today as we had forgotten to write about our hip hop performance so we also got that done. We did a little practice of skip counting and then ended the day with buddies and some outside play time as it was actually sunny this afternoon.

I have four children I read with every day as they are close to being at grade level but aren’t quite there yet. It was neat to hear one of the girls read today and realize that she is improving by the day:) It gets me so excited!!!!


I was a little worried after school as I was feeling exhausted and hungry. I did have a few pieces of melon and grapes from the staffroom, but mainly I drank water. It is amazing what water can do for you. I suddenly perked right up and I went and got a workout in with L. It felt really good to get back to it, though I may not be able to move any part of my body tomorrow!

We did one person on the treadmill while the other person did an an exercise. The first was 100 repetitions, then we switched. This carried on with the 90,80 reps, switch, then 70,60,50, switch and finally 40,30,20 and 10. I don’t think my abs have done that much in months. Of course L decided that wasn’t enough so then the person on the treadmill ran 0.15 miles and the other person had to hold a plank for that long. We worked through front, side, side and reverse planks. L had to hold the planks much longer than me as I’m a slower runner than her. I figure it’s appropriate though as I’m a former obese person and she’s a former athlete.🤣

We had a quick sauna and then I headed home.


After immediately putting my jammies on, I finished Be With Me by Jules Bennett.

This is the second time we get to return to Haven, Georgia with Jules Bennett. This book tells the story of Melanie and Tanner. He’s the cop who pulled her over as she arrived in town and she’s the blogger who came to support her friend. Life has given them more than they were expecting.

I really enjoyed this second Haven book. I love how the supporting cast of friends is so intertwined in the books. They are there for all the action, rather than just being an add on.

I also loved the characters of Melanie and Tanner. She is a woman who has suffered the worst and has come out of it determined to inspire women. While he is the silent cop who has been through more than most and yet works unfailingly to rescue others. I thought they were different enough to bring that opposites attract angle while still having enough similar experiences to bond them. I also liked how Melanie understood Tanner’s actions as a result of his past and didn’t hold them against him.

The inspirational quotes at the start of each chapter were a great addition.

I also appreciated that the book didn’t rely on miscommunication, but rather simply told of people having to work through their issues to be able to come together.

Great work Jules Bennett, and I can’t wait for the story of Cash and Jade!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


Of course I wasn’t capable of just laying on the couch all night so I finally got the pumpkin seeds roasted. I simply mix them with olive oil and salt, and bake them at 350 for 30 minutes. They came out perfect.

I also got some chips made from the tortillas I bought the other week that kept breaking into pieces. Again, a little olive oil and some garlic and salt and baked at 350 for 20 minutes made them come out perfect!

I guess these will be my snacks for this weekend.

Clean November Challenge:

I am going to count today as another success. I only had a few pieces of melon that weren’t on my plan. I had an excellent workout where I pushed myself right to the end, and I drank my two water bottles of water, plus more. I have added drinking two water bottles of water a day to my challenge as that is also a positive habit I need to get back to!

Well amazingly, that’s all I’ve managed to do today.

Have fun!


Super Wired or Super Tired

The students were quite something to see today- either super wired or super tired!


Well at least I knew enough to plan a low key day for the day after Halloween. My students were firmly split between these two states- tired or wired!

We wrote about our Halloween, we began learning about skip counting and we finished our movie from yesterday. It seems like so little when I write it out☹️


As promised, here is a picture of my 22.5 Degrees scarf by Martina Behm.

It has not been blocked yet so I’m sure I could make the scallop look even better!


This evening, our usual Athletic Yoga teacher was away and the sub teacher did a more traditional yoga class. It felt so great to have a good stretch. I’m just feeling guilty because it didn’t really feel like exercise.


I’m trying a lemon lavender tea today from Tea Forte. It is not bad, though I do like the fact that the lemon is stronger than the lavender. It is a very light tea so refreshing more than fortifying.


I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but a couple of pounds have krept on and my exercise isn’t as regular as I would like, so I have joined a friend in her Clean November Challenge. For me this challenge is going to include exercising every day in November, eating only what I plan to eat (yes at times this will include restaurant meals- but it will be a salad or an appetizer), and no alcohol. It’s funny because my friend says the no alcohol will be the most difficult for her as she likes her glass of wine at night. For me, no alcohol will be the easiest as I don’t drink that often, but eating only what I plan to will be the most difficult. I eat very healthy, but often more than what I need to.

Day one is done and I was almost perfect. Three chips entered my mouth at kids book club before I remembered myself. I’m not going to beat myself up over three chips as I managed to resist all the chocolate and candy in the staffroom at both recess and lunch, and am going to call today a success.

1 down, 29 to go:)

Well, I’m off to read my book.

Have fun!