Well tonight definitely didn’t go according to plan!


The best thing that happened today was that I got my report cards back and they are stuffed and collated so I don’t have to look at them again before I hand them out on Friday:)

We also did our Friday journals, practiced counting by 2s and had buddies. It was odd that the children liked doing movement while counting by 2s, but didn’t remember writing to Santa🤔


I was supposed to be working out with Lyndsay tonight, but we ended up meeting up with Corianne and Sue. Sue went home and the three of us went to Lyndsay’s place, so I just quickly did a workout here at home. I did 3 sets of 12 of each of the following exercises: military press, rows, tricep extension, bicep curls, chest press, squats, sumo squats, roundhouse kick, front kick, curtsy lunge, full weighted sit up, and reverse curls. It was at least something!


It was great to meet up with the girls tonight and have a relaxed gab fest. I, of course ate too much and I’m a little mad at myself that I had a glass of ginger brew, but the socializing and venting was worth it! I’m lucky to have these two friends in my life!

Clean November Challenge:

While it was not quite as successful as I would have liked, I will now own up to how my month went.

60% on eating only planned food. This is definitely my weakest moment and the item that I have to continue working on. I think it may become easier the emptier I get my cupboards. I did best when all of my food was planned and portioned out but unfortunately that only happened 18 of the days this month☹️

70%- Drink 2+ water bottles per day- this happened 22 days this month which I have to admit is better than I thought it would be. I think I still drank a lot of water the other days, it was probably just in the form of tea. This is another item I want to keep working on!

97%- no alcohol. I have to admit to being a little upset at myself for this one as I only ruined it this evening. I had a glass of ginger brew with the girls. It was in celebration of finishing report cards and my birthday coming up, but part of me wishes I had gotten 100% on this one. I don’t drink a lot anyways so this is never a big thing for me, but I will continue to try and choose water more often.

100%- exercise every day. I am super happy with how I got back to exercising everyday. I did four yoga sessions this month, 11 weight workouts and 15 runs. I loved getting the exercise each day and plan to keep it up. The challenge got me to do the yoga on my massage days and it got me out the door when it was super wet. The challenge even got me to do weights tonight after I got home just because I didn’t want to ruin my streak! I am starting to feel stronger and definitely want to keep up the workouts as I know they will benefit my running.

Well, I definitely learned the food portion is way more difficult for me than the exercise. While I will continue to not drink much, I will o my be trying to keep up the drinking more water, exercising daily and planning what I eat in the weeks to come.

Well I desperately need sleep!

Have fun!



18 thoughts on “Impromptu

  1. You did really well – you certainly did better than me going out in the soggy weather. It is raining so hard here that I’m happy to climb into bed and listen to it and not be out in it!

    1. Yes I’ve had a few nights where I really didn’t want to go, but the challenge and Squad Runner keep me going back for more.
      It’s odd Linda, but most of your recent messages have had the endings cut off?

      1. I went out today and the sun was shining – first time in a long time and after two days of bad weather, I was happy to get out at 1:30 … they said no more rain til tonight (raining now) and no sooner got out (sans umbrella) and it poured. Came home and the sun came out again while it was pouring! That is weird about the messages AJ but I had an issue tonight. I did a post a short time ago – I had a slew of goose pictures and decided to caption them like the post I did of the squirrels on Thanksgiving Day. Got all 14 pictures loaded in media, put the captions on and launched them … only two had captions. So removed all of them, inserted them (with the captions) one at a time, only two came out with captions. So I removed all the captions and cut and pasted them into the text. It was annoying and if I hadn’t used funny captions, I’d have just done the pictures alone … so wondering if that is the same issue for comments? Sorry that it is happening.

      2. Oh that is weird that as I pressed like just now, the rest of your comment came through. Sometimes WordPress is so weird!
        I so dislike it when it rains while I’m out and is nice when I’m home.

      3. I think this temperamental weather this year is likely here to stay – that is what they are saying is the result of climate change. I have to have a mindset next year that I’ll go out rain or shine unless a torrential rain – we have had so many days of torrential rain. In the past it was maybe 2-3 days a year of torrential rain – it’s been at least 2-3 times a month this year. WordPress does some weird things sometimes … I wanted to use captions under the geese pictures and for now reason it wigged out. So I did a workaround, but still …

      4. Yes I am getting used to the torrential rain as it is our norm, but it still doesn’t make it fun!
        Yup WordPress definitely has some quirks!

  2. Girl, it sounds like you did awesome!! You have nothing at all to beat yourself about- and I’m sure you developed some great habits through this month too. Yay for report cards being done- I’m sure that is a huge weight off your mind!

  3. Inspiring! So Glad I read this today. I’m have been in bed most of last month and though I thought I will get back
    into a routine come December I am still struggling ….

    Inspired to move 🤞

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