My day was awesome, but I felt guilty for most of it🤣


My run this morning turned into a walk as no one else was running. This was a lovely walk because it was a gorgeous, sunny, cold morning, but it definitely didn’t balance my brunch out!

At least I finally got a bit of a run in this evening with the dog. I wasn’t sure if it was going to record as being fast enough to count with all the stopping and sniffing he was doing. Then at the end when I needed just two more minutes, he refused to budge. I ended up letting him into the house and doing the street one more time to finish up.


After letting the dog out, I ran home and finished my knitting project.

I am super happy with how it turned out! It’s the Everyone Likes Stripes Cowl, free on Ravelry.

I have a little bit of each of the colours left, plus a bit of a fourth colour, so I think I’ll try to make another scarf out of it.


I’ve spent the afternoon with a puppy dog on my lap watching Hallmark movies. All I can say is that it’s a really good thing that I don’t normally have cable!

The first movie I saw was Christmas in Graceland. It had Kellie Pickler in it and you could tell that the movie had been completely designed around allowing her to sing. The best part of this movie was the fact the lead actor was super cute!

The second movie was Christmas Joy. I enjoyed his movie and thought it was well done as I even cringed at the awkward moments🤣. I have to admit it was also very cool to see Hycroft house as the place where the “gala” was held when I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

Third up was the “Angel of Christmas”. The female lead seemed a little awkward, but the male lead is one of my Hallmark favorites:). The story was also quite unique- no widow with a single son in this one!

Ice Sculpture Christmas was back to a widower with a single daughter. It was neat to watch this movie as it takes place at Swan-e-Set golf course which is local to me and where my cousin got married. I always enjoy an opposites attract story and this one definitely was that! I just think they could have done a better job on the ending!


Today the Twinings Advent calendar had The Goodnight Blend which contains camomile and spearmint. When I opened the package it smelled very peppermint to me, but I suppose that’s the spearmint. I had my first cup early in the day and t was perhaps a little early as it was nice, but not what I needed at the time. I think it would be perfect just before bed though. It was quite refreshing and fresh.


The brunch was awesome as usual. We went to the Coquitlam Grill and I had my usual Sunriser Jumpstart.

I laughed when I was on the way out of the restaurant complaining of being way too stuffed and the owner said that that is the smallest dish on the menu 🤣

I also tried out Skip the Dishes tonight. It’s a popular program where I live where you can order from a local restaurant and someone brings it to you. I ordered from Freshii and it came right to my door. It worked great and I now have a healthy recess and lunch for tomorrow:)


Ugly Christmas Sweaters is the topic today. I have to admit that I’ve never worn an ugly Christmas sweater, however, I did get close! When I was young my grandma made me an outfit the included pants, shirt and bonnet that was in red, white and green stripes. I actually wore that outfit all day!!! That must count! These days I stick with wearing red and green clothes as much as possible at work during December and wearing my massive collection of Christmas earrings.

Well I have to go console a heartbroken puppy!

Have fun!


48 thoughts on “Couch Potato Status

  1. Your brunch looks delicious! It’s so funny how ugly Christmas sweaters are now a thing and you can find them in stores. I feel like you used to have to raid your grandma’s closet or go to a thrift store to find them.

      1. Now that’s a good idea! I’ve actually never been to an ugly sweater party but I’ll keep that in mind if I’m invited

  2. That scarf looks great and so cozy. it will look perfect with so many color combinations too. I love that you have a collection of Christmas earrings. I think it is one thing that so many teachers have, that most other people wouldn’t even think of owning.

  3. I love seeing your crochet projects and the idea of wearing Christmas earrings all through the days leading up to Christmas somehow never occurred to me until now–what a festive way to celebrate! Thanks for the idea:)

  4. The cowl turned out great and hope you can make another one with the leftovers – pretty color! The “Skip the Dishes” is a great concept … glad you treated yourself to it and breakfast to make up for being so good for November!

      1. Well, you want to be able to indulge while on vacation and go out to dinner and have holiday treats with your parents, plus now is when people are bringing in treats to work all the time – I guess you opt out due to your allergies, but still it seems like it is always extra eating around the holidays … and the eggnog. We have this eggnog that is sold by a local dairy and you could stand a spoon in it. It is called “New England Style Eggnog” and very rich and creamy, almost like pudding. I haven’t had it in a few years as the line-up to get into their store is huge and the grocery store has started carrying a very similar thick eggnog in a quart size … that way I don’t go off the wagon too much!

      2. Yes sometimes I am very thankful for my allergies! Plus my parents don’t go out of their way to have special food for me which I appreciate, but I will be buying myself some dairy free egg nog! It’s not thick like yours though! Wow!

  5. The scarf you knitted looks amazing! Ooo that tea sounds soo good & calming, and like you said, perfect before bed. Lol- I say that outfit does count for sure. Sounds very festive & almost like “Where is Waldo” with a touch of green- hehe. Have a great week, girl!

    1. Yes it was very where’s Waldo, but I’d say worse as the pants were striped too!
      I’m happy with the scarf. I’m doing slightly different for this one and am hoping it looks as good!
      That’s too bad you don’t like tea. What don’t you like about it?

      1. I do like it, but only when I’m really in the mood! I currently am on a honey chai turmeric kick. I just prefer coffee and then in the evenings it has to be herbal or I won’t sleep. So I guess I just don’t have the taste for it that often. This time of year I do enjoy it more though!

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