Ugh meetings at both ends of my day didn’t make great bookends for my day!


After trying to walk the dog and defrosting my vehicle, I made my way to work. I’m so glad that I don’t normally drive to work!

I had a meeting first thing this morning where I got to describe the strengths and stretches of my class. Meetings that don’t seem to have any real benefit drive me nuts. At least I said what I wanted to say so I have a clear conscience:)

We wrote about Santa this morning and then this afternoon we started our Santa Around the World journey. We learned about Brazil today and now know that:

Brazilian Santa is called Papai Noel. He wears a suit of silk and fills children’s shoes with small gifts and hides gifts around the house. It was super neat to see how interested and engaged the children were. Maybe it helped that I was also interested:)

After school I had a quick parent meeting and then a staff meeting that was incredibly boring! We had a speaker tell us about the district’s technology plan. Technology has its place for sure, but sometimes I think I’m providing the balance to my student’s world by concentrating on books!


Since I had my car I headed out after the meeting to Winners to see if I could find a certain gift I’m looking for. It was a bust, but maybe tomorrow will be better!


I headed out with the idea of getting 6.5km so that I could finish the Squad Runner mission in the morning, but I found a great route that let me do the full 8km. I found it I went a certain direction around a local complex, it was relatively flat. I might need to try doing five loops and see if I can get a PR for a 5km.


Today’s Twinings Tea Advent Calendar was French Vanilla Chai. The tea bag smelled great when I was taking it out of the package. It had a hint of sweetness that was great but not overpowering. I think it would be awesome with milk, but I forgot mine at my brother’s house:(


I have started another cowl using the leftovers from the last one. I hope it turns out as nice as the last one!


Hmm my winter must haves are mostly centered around trying to stay warm! Over the past few years I have been building my warm clothing and tonight I was just thinking how happy I am that I’ve stepped up and paid for some warm clothes. Many, many years ago I spent a few hundred dollars on a winter ski jacket. I had just started as a teacher and it was a lot of money! However that jacket has kept me warm for many years now and is still going strong. It has been joined by two down jackets, a down vest, and a big fluffy jacket for casual wear. I also invested in some silk long underwear that has saved me many times! My sub zero Sugoi running tights are a great addition as well for my outdoor pursuits.

I suppose the last of my winter essentials are my scarves, toques and mittens in multiple colours. I like to match so I just keep adding to the collection. In fact I just decided yesterday that I definitely need a toque in my favourite colour added to the collection!

I’m sure that there are probably a zillion other things I consider essentials, but this is what I could think of tonight. Please let me know what your essentials are and remind me of what I should have said!🤣

Check out Abbey, Mischenko, Teacher Turned Mommy, and Amber’s blogs for their ideas about Winter Must Haves!

Well I’m looking forward to my own bed tonight so that’s where I’m headed.

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. I wish, with everything in me, that I enjoyed tea. It would open up a world of drink possibilities for me, but I just don’t enjoy the taste at all!!😕
    All the warm clothes, yes please!!! My post for this goes up in a few days, so we’ll if it sparks any thoughts from you!

    1. Nope I’m making it up as I go along though a colleague just brought me a holidays around the world package that looks amazing!

  2. I’m enjoying hearing about your tea calendar – I love tea and am always looking for new flavors to try out 🙂 My essentials are a good coat and good boots. Other than that, matching accessories are as fun to knit as they are to wear!

  3. I have been fighting the “use more technology in the classroom” push for years. I fought it as a parent and then as a teacher. Children get enough technology in the world outside the classroom. Now, I do use technology in my teaching, but it isn’t a focus, it is a tool, just like the text book

    1. Exactly! I certainly use the smart board to practice skills, but it will come as an add on to using manipulatives and reading books! I don’t think students need more screen time!

  4. I’m so glad the kids are interested in Santa around the world! I thought it was a great idea and hoped your students would like it.

    Chai tea is usually good but I could see how French vanilla chai may need a little milk with it.

    1. I’m super happy that they’re into the Santa learning as I’m finding it interesting too. It can just be a little tough to walk the line between real and myth as I can see the fact there are differences are causing some belief challenges.

  5. It’s so fun that you are teaching them about Santa around the world- It’s fascinating about Brazil & makes me interested to learn more about how other countries celebrate the traditions of Christmas. Thanks for sharing, AJ!

  6. My Winter must haves include : Hot tub time during a meteor shower if possible
    At least one snowshoeing day
    Giving the horses candy canes for Christmas. They love peppermint
    stuffing my family’ stockings
    and lots of knitting Lots of it

    1. Oh I miss having a hot tub to get truly warm!
      I also look forward to snowshoeing:)
      That’s neat that horses like peppermint, I wouldn’t have guessed!

  7. Winter must-haves involve warmth for me, too. The winter duvet goes on the bed as soon as the temps drop to winter level. I have a collection of sweaters, sweatshirts, windbreakers, and one winter coat for walking. Blogging next to sliding glass doors calls for sweaters, a shawl, and a throw. If you have enough clothes, you never have to touch the thermostat.

    1. True! I haven’t used the heat in my house in the ten years I’ve lived here. I just put on more clothes and the fireplace:)

  8. I still have some scarves and gloves my mom knit me … the toques got too small for my head … not that I’m brainier, but she likely knit them when I had shorter hair. 🙂 I just heard today that NORAD was online for 2018 … I knew you could track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve but didn’t know the site was operational before then … it was and there are some fun things there to add to your Santa tales:

      1. It’s a fun site – on the radio station I listen to they give Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve about every 15 minutes and his next stop and how many miles he has traveled since he began his day.

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