Today didn’t go according to plan as I got into my jammies much earlier than I should have!


I got up early so that I’d have some time to knit. It was a lovely way to start the day- knitting and a Hallmark movie. It definitely made me want to stay home today!

I’ve been back to the knitting this evening and am coming close to running out of one colour if yarn. I just have to decide if I’m going to change colors or just end it and make it a kids cowl.


My students were just off today, especially my little autistic boy. I think I’d better just get used to this until the end of December.

We did some printing of the letter o, made our group points posters for the month and tackled Santa in Great Britain. My students were able to tell me at the end of the day that Santa is called Father Christmas. They hang stockings on their bed, go shopping on Boxing Day, stir the Christmas pudding clockwise while making a wish, and leave mince pies for Santa instead of cookies.

My students were definitely the best behaved during this time and worked well on creating a December wish list.

Tomorrow we are tackling Denmark and if anyone knows anything about Santa in Denmark, I’d love to hear it as we haven’t found much information on it.


I got out of work at a decent hour and figured I’d better get started on the 9km mission for tonight. I hedged my bets and used my walk home to start it off and then completed another 6.5km to finish it off. It did feel really great to get two good runs in on back to back days! I felt so active again:)


My Twinings Advent Calendar Tea today was a green tea with pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry in it. There are no artificial sweeteners listed on the package. The tea smelled wonderful, but was very light in taste. I steeped the second cup for longer, but it was still light. I also tried it with honey, but it didn’t make much difference. This was still a nice green tea, but not a strong tasting one. It might be good for people who don’t love green tea.


The topic today is annual ornaments. I was lucky as a little girl that every year my mom bought me a craft project that created a Christmas decoration for my future home. I think I had more decorations when I moved out that anyone else I know! It was a great gift as I was prepared in the future, but also had the fun of a craft on Christmas Day and often a new one to me at that too!

In my role as a teacher, I’ve had many students bring in their annual ornament for sharing. It seems that each year they are gifted an ornament that they keep in a bag labeled with the year, if the ornament doesn’t have the year on it. It seems like an awesome idea!

The final experience I have with annual ornaments is from work. Each of the past three years, the PAC at my school has put up a tree in the staffroom and created ornaments for the teachers. On the last day of school we get to take the ornament home. It is a very sweet present and I see they have already set up the tree this year:)

I was supposed to go to Chapters tonight for some final gifts, but after my run I put on my jammies and haven’t left my fireplace yet!🤣

Well my students wore me out and I’m super tired!

Have fun!



36 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. I didn’t know we stir our Christmas Pudding clockwise 😉 but yes, unfortunately there are “Boxing Day Sales”. I avoid them on principal. I have been ‘forced’ to work Boxing Day in the past and I missed out on being with my family for no extra wages despite it being a bank holiday. My stocking used to get hung on my bed but the older I got, and the later I stay up, now it is hung on my bedroom door 😂. And, my brother and I leave Santa a coffee with his mince pies – but lots of other people leave him something nice to drink like rum or brandy. We leave him coffee because it’s a long night and drunk in charge of Rudolph is not cool. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Lol I grew up with British traditions too from my grandma so the stockings were on the bed and Boxing Day shopping is big though I’ve only gone once.
      We read about the brandy, but thankfully the kids didn’t repeat that part!

  2. I didn’t know that children in Great Britain left mince pies instead of cookies. I thought everyone left Santa cookies!

    There’s no annual ornament tradition that I have. Last year I bought a door with our apartment number on it so I think I’d like to do that for every place Alex and I live. We’ll see what happens though!

  3. The cowl is looking lovely! I usually do kids stuff because of using up smaller balls, but I do understand the struggle of switching or staying in a kid’s size!
    The fruity tea sounds yummy!
    I love your different ideas for annual ornaments! Family prepares us well for when we move out. That’s neat they give you an ornament at work!

  4. My kids were REALLY off on Monday, but yesterday and today was a bit better. Maybe it will get better for a bit before it gets worse? Just think the magical winter break is coming and then the kids are totally different for Jan!

    That tea sounds good to me. I like fruity teas and am not a huge green tea fan, so if it was more fruit than green I’d probably like it.

    1. I’m really hoping for at least a couple of days of better!
      The tea was good, and a friend said she left the tea bag in and it just kept getting better:)

  5. Here is cultures for Christmas around the world —

    come to think of it, that would be Holland with the wooden shoes. The reason that came to mind is here in Michigan we have the city of Holland, Michigan. It is like a miniature Holland and people come all over to see their Tulip Festival. It is not near me, but in the western part of the state. They dress in native clothes and do dances, have traditional Dutch food, etc.

      1. Yes, and that’s really famous because one week to ten days only the tulips all bloom and if the weather is odd (like this year we had Winter trailing into April), it messes up the tulips and they have visitors from all over and no tulips or a really hot May may make the tulips come up earlier and bloom and lose their petals.

  6. That tea sounds like a lovely combo of flavors, but like you, I prefer a stronger flavor too. I adored reading your experiences surrounding ornaments… that’s so sweet you get to take one home each year from work. What a fun tradition! Hope you had some good rest. Excited to catch up on your posts!

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