My friends made my day special today:)


I started the day with a little bit of knitting and then ended the day the same way. I finished a child’s cowl and started another one. I’ll share pictures when I can get them in daylight.

The bag of knitted goods that I donated to the Christmas market were very popular and I’ve been asked to get started for next year.🤣


Lyndsay started my day with a Starbucks drink and a David’s Tea gift card. I’ll definitely be putting that to use!

My students were pretty good today, except for my autistic boy. It’s a good thing the daycare let slip that his father is undergoing cancer treatment or I wouldn’t understand what was happening at all. I wish parents would always inform the teacher of big events in their child’s world. It impacts them a lot more than you realize and having that knowledge really helps the teacher deal with it in class! Grrrr!

My students made me cards and sung to me and it was super sweet. They really did give me a nice gift in being well behaved today!

We studied Santa in Denmark today and learned that he is called Julenisse. He is a short, bearded man who wears gray clothes and a red hat. The children leave him porridge and he then hides the gifts around the house. We also learned that lots of children have three advent calendars- a candle one, a gift one and also a tv episode one. My students were amazed that they open presents and have dinner on Christmas Eve and then just have a sandwich lunch together on Christmas Day.

After our reading, we decorated paper presents, hid them and then had to write code to get a robot to the present. My co teacher and I were the robots and the children were super into it and persevered when their code needed to be changed. It went even better than we were expecting!

After school, I picked up what I bought from the Christmas market:)

My sister in law had this bag and I liked it so when I saw it today, I grabbed it:)


Speaking of working out, it was a Lyndsay bootcamp today. We did: bench curtsy lunges, pushups to knee tucks and hamstring curls on the gliders, ab roll outs and burpees, side planks with dumbbell press, bridge with chest fly and bridge with tricep extension, inside heel touches and bird dogs, and medicine ball slams and medicine ball plank jacks. It was a good workout and it was great to get back to it!


I had to quickly run down the hill after the workout to meet my close friend for dinner. She had called a few days ago and said I shouldn’t spend my birthday alone so we tried a new Japanese Fusion restaurant.

I had a bowl that I can’t pronounce, but it was sashimi in top of rice. I really shouldn’t have eaten the rice as I was way too full. It was great to spend time with my friend though and nice to catch up!

It was a nice day filled with phone calls and text messages, but now I’m off to bed!

Have fun!



37 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Happy Birthday❣ I am really enjoying your blog. Speaking of charity projects. I crochet and belong to a small group of crocheters, we have 3 chairty groups we do projects for every year. Its no pressure, its just how many lapghans & etc that everyone can do we divvy up. I am going to learn to knit after the holidays, you have any beginner tips?

    1. I would start with thick yarn and big needles and make a Cowl. I also tell my students to keep their needles perpendicular to each other until they get good:)

  2. Happy birthday!

    So interesting that Denmark Santa gets porridge! It’s also odd (to me!) that they really celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day isn’t too special

  3. Happy birthday (well a day late, but it works). I’m glad your students were behaved for you. I hate when parents do not communicate what is going on in the lives of their child, especially a child with special needs who needs extra attention and can’t always communicate what is going on, or why they are acting the way they are.

    I’m glad you went out to eat with a friends that is the perfect way to end the day

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