It was a day filled with quality time:)


I started the day by finishing a toque in the three colours I had run into trouble with last night. I’m super happy with how it looks and it can either go to my niece or be ready for the holiday market next year. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it:(


I met up with my friend Sarah and Kula for a trail run.

We tried a new trail but ended up bushwhacking, so it was back to our usual trail but going the opposite direction. Thankfully I can rely on Kula’s sense of direction.

I got out later in the day for a fast 2.3km to finish off my Squad Runner mission. It felt great and I managed to avoid the huge puddles!


I grabbed some groceries in my way home and roasted some veggies. I did a whole tray of broccoli, onion, carrots, celery, and green pepper. It cooled down to lots less, but with the smoked tofu, it was enough to make four lunches for the week:)

Family Time:

This evening I have spent time with my nephew Gus and fur-nephew Banks. This is always a great for me! We went bowling and I beat him big time! I guess I’ve found the activity we will do every time🤣

He made up for it though because when we played Monopoly on his gaming system- he beat me badly!


I guess my birthday continues as my brother, sister in law and nephew got me a cute present. It definitely shows they know me!


I have watched a lot of movies today and it’s been great. I watched For Better or For Worse and really wasn’t impressed! I watched a bit of A few other ones, but haven’t finished them yet so I won’t talk about them.


My Twinings Tea Advent Calendar was Lady Gray tea. I really enjoyed the orange flavor of this and I’m wondering if it was the tea my grandma had regularly. I’ve been thinking about that tea lately and would love to have it more often. I’ll definitely be buying some Lady Gray Tea:)


Homemade Presents:

Each year I have made presents for my friends and colleagues. They are usually Christmas themed so that their apartments and houses can be filled with Christmas joy. I have made things such as cross-stitch ornaments, tree garlands, fingertip towels for their bathroom, dish towels and dishcloths and the mug cozies from last year. I have always loved spending time making the gifts and giving them! This year I didn’t manage to do that and it definitely feels weird. I plan to start in next year’s gifts when I’m visiting my parents so this doesn’t happen again!

Go check out the other Blogmas posts at Abbey’s, Mischenko, Teacher Turned Mommy, and Amber.

Well I’m going to keep enjoying my Hallmark movies:)

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Quality Time

  1. that is the perfect gift for you. I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your nephew. I bet the next time you go bowling with your nephew he will do a lot better. But, keep going until he figures out how to beat you!

    1. Yes he probably will! He was obsessed with trying to throw the ball hard instead of hitting pins!
      It is the perfect gift for me!

      1. That was a cute and clever gift then. I have seen those teas with the little pocket on the side to hold tea bags. I got one like that for my mom one time. She loved her tea too.

      2. OK, that works – less time shopping at the mall. I don’t buy gifts for anyone either as it is just me … don’t buy gifts for my boss since I started working off site. I did treat myself to a few things though.

  2. Bowling isn’t something I do often, but it is so much fun when we do!! How fun you were able to spend some time with your nephew. Such a cute picture of your shoes together. That mini tea pot is just adorable!! Have a great rest of the week, AJ!

    1. Yup I love doing anything with my nephew that I can! He towers over me now so I always love having pictures that highlight our differences:)
      Yup I can’t wait to use the tea pot at work!
      Have a great week yourself!

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