After an amazingly wonderful morning, my students became different people in the afternoon:(


This morning we did a free choice journal that my students did awesome at! I was impressed with how much they were writing and how well they were writing. It was great to see them doing so well!

We started graphing after recess and then tackled Christmas in Mexico this afternoon. We learned that Christmas goes from December 12th to January 15th and that Santa brings presents on Christmas Eve, but the three wise men bring presents on January 6th. We learned that there are posadas leading up to Christmas where the front of houses are decorated and people move from house to house. They also break a piñata at the last house of the posada in Christmas Eve. I sure hope I got all the details right. I should write notes like my students do!


After leaving school quickly for a massage, I have spent the evening knitting. I did a new to me TinCan Knits pattern called Northward which is free on Ravelry. I love the fact that TinCan Knits include so many sizes in their patterns!

These are the two hats I have finished lately. I had planned on the teal one for me, but I think I’m going to put it in the Holiday Market pile for next year. It was an easy knit though and only took a couple of hours:)

I used Titan Bulky yarn by Mary Maxim. This was given to me and was quite bulky and I think the hat will be super warm with it:). It also got another skein out of my stash:) Unfortunately, I also broke my 6mm DPN needle. I think I now have a good excuse to hit Michael’s or maybe the LYS:)


I was hesitant about my advent tea today as Honeybush, Mandarin and Orange sounded quite exotic to me! It turned out to taste mainly of orange and was quite delicious. It wasn’t a really strong flavor, but was enjoyable:)


I have spent the evening watching Hallmark movies as I knitted. I watched Autumn Dreams which was very cute, except I was extremely distracted by the lead male’s unintentionally!

I also watched Walking the Dog which is set around Valentines Day. It was a cute movie with an interesting premise and characters.

Well, I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Quick Turn

  1. Your tea advent calendar sounds amazing; I should really sort one out next year as I do love tea. And the hats are so cute. I have many hats – but there’s no such thing as TOO many, right?

    1. This is my second year with a tea advent calendar and I have been enjoying it! This one came from amazon.
      Nope there is no such thing as too many hats!

  2. the hats came out really cute. I’m sure someone will enjoy them keeping their head toasty warm.

    don’t you hate days where the kiddos switch personalities part way through the day. it’s ok…. ummm ok if I turn around 3 times can you switch back? or something… please?

  3. LOVE the hats!! You seriously could start an Etsy shop- do you have one already?

    That tea sounds just wonderful. I have been craving something citrusy lately- that sounds perfect.

    Happy Wednesday!

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