All day I felt like I was just dragging. It must be the time of the year as lots of other teachers were complaining of feeling this way too.


We made Christmas cards for seniors this morning and did a little bit more about pictographs for math. This afternoon we tackled a directed drawing of a poinsettia. My students are doing really well in the mornings but the afternoons are tough. Today was especially tough because we had an inside lunch:(

My day didn’t end great as one of my tough boys didn’t want to put on his boots because they were wet, so I left him in the classroom as I took the rest of the class out. I sent my co-teacher in to check on him as he hadn’t come out and he had hit his head:( ugh the first time in sixteen years I’ve left a kid alone and he hits his head☹️😫


I got invited by my co-teacher this morning to go shopping with her after school. I knew I should be heading home to run and clean the house, but I said yes. She got the gifts for her boys that she needed and I picked up some tea and chocolates to go with some friend gifts. It was nice to wander and have some non-work time!


It’s a good thing Knit night is at my house every other week as it forces me to tidy my place up. It doesn’t get super dirty, just cluttered.


The wind sounded horrible outside and I definitely didn’t want to go out in it! I texted Lyndsay and she had just started an at home workout so she sent it to me and that got me up and moving! I don’t know if I’ve just really been slacking or if these workouts were tough, but my legs were shaking by the end! I first did this sock workout and then I tackled this bosu workout. I definitely feel like I worked!


I have dug out three balls of horrible blue acrylic that has been in my stash forever and I have casted on for the Mosaic Coverlet which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I’m hoping this pattern will use them all up and then I will be able to delete them from my stash number. I didn’t want to make anything that would be against someone’s skin. I had never actually heard yarn squeak until I started with this stuff!


I watched Stranded in Paradise tonight. It is about an HR woman who ends up losing her job and going to a conference in Puerto Rico anyways. The conference is a flop and lots of tough stuff happens, but of course she finds the love of her life. It was a cute movie and has a good message about thinking of whether you are actually happy.


My tea today was cinnamon and orange spice. I really liked this tea and think it was perfect for Christmas time. It was reminiscent of those orange clove balls you can make and hang at Christmas time!

Well I’m off to bed in the hopes of not dragging tomorrow!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Dragging

  1. That tea sounds lovely. What a shame about the boy, isn’t that typical. Will you get into trouble for that? I do hope not as you seem so hugely conscientious and always making sure you do the right thing for the group. Do you think they’re getting difficult in the afternoons because they’re tired at the end of a long term and getting all wound up about Christmas?

    1. The tea was awesome. I hope I don’t get into trouble, but I definitely won’t make that mistake again!
      Yes Christmas is just too much excitement for them to handle. The scary part is that we still have another full week of school!

  2. I had a little boy fall out of his chair yesterday but thankfully he didn’t hit his head. Things happen, don’t worry about it too much. December is tough to get through for us educators. Treat yourself well.😇💜

    1. The tea was perfect for our wet and windy day!
      The sock workout was tough but my legs really started shaking when I added on the bosu workout!

  3. AJ you are an amazing teacher. Stuff happens. The child is fine. Im sorry it happened.
    I had to laugh at Jen hatmakers Instagram post the other day. She laughs at the Hallmark holiday movies because she loves them. She then invited readers to make up their plot for a Hallmark movie. They are very funny. Maybe you could use a laugh?

    1. Thank you! He seems fine and has fallen off his chair twice today!
      I spend lots of time laughing at the Hallmark movie, but still enjoy them. I’ll go check that out

  4. that tea sounds really good.

    it never fails that the one time you do something totally out of character/out of the ordinary… things go wrong.

  5. That tea sounds delicious like the Russian Friendship Tea my mom used to make up – I am going to type it up if you would like the recipe too. Amazing the student had to hit his head the one minute you weren’t looking … hope everything turned out well though. Sounds nice to have an indoor workout instead of heading out in the elements! Good thing you have a viable option!

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