Today was amazingly better than yesterday.


We changed up Calendar a bit and had the special helper write the daily equations instead of me. It worked great so we’ll continue with it!

We also started a directed drawing activity of Santa, but didn’t manage to finish it because we had to go do a run through of our Christmas concert song. The music teacher is happy, but my co teacher and I think there’s still some work to do on this.

We also had the children tackle making their own pictograph today and they loved it! Except for starting to glue pictures from the top of the graph instead of the bottom they did pretty good. I realize that mistake is all me as I’m not sure I ever mentioned that!

The boys in my class were better today, even with another inside lunchtime. I realized as I talked with a parent that they are in such a hurry at all times and so wound up, that their bodies aren’t calm which is causing accidents. Today I provided many reminders to have a calm body and we actually got through the day with no accidents and a calmer classroom. I loved it!

Today was an early dismissal so I also had some time in my classroom to putter without children as I had no interviews.


I met up with Lyndsay for a tough workout tonight. I am still a little sore from my Tuesday workout so it was probably good to warm up and use my muscles again. I did the bike and then we did a ladder workout that included lunge hops, weighted jumping jacks, burpees, crunches and weighted squats. We went up the ladder and back down with cardio in between each. My legs felt like jelly on my run home so I guess it was a success🤣


My Twinings Tea Advent Calendar today had Earl Grey Tea in it which is a favourite of mine. I love this tea weak with nothing in it or strong with almond milk in it. It’s always a safe choice I think:)


I finished the school Bookclub book tonight which was The Losers Club by Andrew Clements. I have read a lot of this author’s books so I had high expectations for this book, and thankfully it didn’t disappoint:). The story is of a boy who is reads his way through life (yup I can relate😀), until he is told by his principal that he has to change his ways. This discussion coincides with him having to go to an after school program. He decides to start his own club where he can just read, and the story is of what he discovers about life from starting this club.

The characters were very realistic and interesting. I could totally picture them and being a teacher, they seemed very familiar. I liked how the fact that people aren’t just one way was emphasized.

I loved the message of the story- that words are words and every word you use labels in some way.

I also liked that the whole book concentrated on books and reading. Many books are mentioned and in fact, a book list is included. I recognized many of the books, and many of the reading habits and it made me want to read some of these books again.

I would highly recommend this book, both as a teacher read aloud, a class novel study or for boys and girls aged 8-11. It would inspire great discussions I think:)


The topic for Blogmas today is gift exchanges. My family actually don’t exchange gifts. This was difficult for me to get used to, but now I love it because I’m not running around like crazy trying to find something to give everyone. I always found that I was really just excited to give one or two gifts and the rest were just something for the person to open. I also love that I don’t start the new year in debt like a lot of my friends do. In addition, not having to spend all that time shopping also leaves me with more time to do actual Christmas events and projects with friends and family. This year I have actually done two Christmas events this year already and have plans for at leas twice more with friends, plus the Gingerbread house competition and light looking with my family. I love how not doing gifts had put the emphasis back on spending time together and enjoying the season!

Well, I’m up late and I’m pretty sure the children will be crazy again, so I’d better get to bed!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Better

  1. I actually love that you’ve gone away from exchanging gifts and have been able to do things with friends and family. There are presents that will stick out and be remembered, but memories made and good times to be had are so sweet!

  2. The adults on my mom’s side of the family do a grab bag so each person only has to buy one gift. Something tells me that once my siblings and I are married with kids we’ll start the same tradition. It’s really nice since you never know who will get you or who you will get.

    The bookclub book sounds so cute!

    1. Yes I have a lot of friends who also do that. My family doesn’t really seem to do Christmas at all anymore. This year with the gingerbread seems to be the exception, but maybe it will change things:)

  3. AJ, glad you don’t have to stress about gift costs. We try to keep our gifts resale shop or used book etc. The one who found the best deal gets an extra cookie! Good news for Zach too. He gave a trouble maker girl a position of leadership and she has greatly improved in the last few weeks. On the other hand someone threw a scissors in his class the other day. He is so ready for break

    1. Yes we gave up gifts partly because we all just went and bought books for each other and then sat around and read all day!
      That’s great the leadership helped the girl, but oh no, scissors.
      I’m not sure there is any teacher who’s not ready for a break! I really want year round schooling where we would have the entire month of December off!!!

  4. I love Early Grey too – it has such a nice flavor, and is good either by itself or with any reasonable additions. You make some interesting points about not doing Christmas gifts! I see the upside, but I do like giving and receiving little gifts. That would be hard to give up!

      1. I think they will AJ – they will cherish the memories when they get older of “family time” … I never spent time with my cousins as my mom and her brother were estranged for years, and I only saw my aunt when we went to visit my grandmother in Toronto (they lived together) and my grandmother died in 1986, my aunt in 1990 so no interaction with anyone now in Canada. So, I feel a large void in my life having had no siblings and all that joy (most of the time) that comes along with that.

      2. Lol siblings are a touchy thing as they are your closest relative and yet they can drive you crazy in seconds!

      3. That is true too but growing up, I had to forge all new paths with parents who were very strict – absolutely no wiggle room or saying “but they got to do it!”

      4. Ha ha – I always wished I had siblings and my parents were older when they had me – they were 30 and back in those days that was considered older for having kids.

      5. Thirty was not considered old back when you were born and now forty to have a child is not unusual – back in 1956, thirty was really old to start a family – how times have changed.

  5. anytime legs feel like jelly it is a success!! I think I have read a book by Andrew Clements before, but I can’t place what it was. Thank you for sharing. Have a great rest of your weekend, AJ!

      1. Things not Seen!!! That’s the book. It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. That was bothering me… so relieved I figured it out now hahha.

  6. We keep our gift exchange to just the immediate family, and it reduces so much stress, especially now that shipping costs so much! It is much better to keep Christmas simple, and celebrate the birth of Jesus. 🙂

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