It was a good day with a fun ending.


Today was an okay day. We changed up our Friday journals and I had the children tell me what they have liked best so far this year. Trust me when I say academics weren’t mentioned often🤣

We did some more Christmas graphing and also did a robot directed drawing with our buddies.

It was fine and we managed to not get hurt, though one of my little boys hurt a grade five boy. The principal dealt with it, but I would have appreciated a heads up about the incident.


I met up with some teacher friends after school. We hit a public house and then had dinner at a local Thai restaurant. It was super yummy and very reasonable. I loved how quiet the restaurant was so that we could actually hear each other talk. I will never understand restaurants! People go out to visit and yet the traffic is so loud you can’t hear the people you’re with!😖


My Twinings Advent Calendar Tea today was English Breakfast Tea that was wonderful! It’s a classic for a reason:)


I hit Chapters to pick up a few more gifts and then spent the evening wrapping gifts. It was neat to get them all done.


I watched Matchmaker Santa while I was wrapping. It was a very cute movie. I enjoyed the premise as it was realistic, well except for a magical Santa🤣


I am a definite mitten girl as I’m always cold! I find I stay much warmer with my fingers all together. Lately I have been wearing my New Hampshire mittens mostly. These are mittens I knitted with yarn that I got when I visited the East Coast two summers ago. I love these mittens as they fit perfectly and are super warm without being super thick.

I suppose I also mostly wear mittens because I have a very difficult time finding gloves that actually fit my hands. My dream would be to find a pair of leather driving gloves that actually fit!

Make sure you check out Abbey, Mischenko, Teacher Turned Mommy, Life of the Rookie Teacher, and Amber’s blogs.

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Fun

  1. I love your mittens! Mittens keep my hands warmer than gloves. I don’t drive with my hands covered though I do have a heated steering wheel.
    As for gloves, my hands are very small like yours so the fingers are always too long. So when I knit a pair I tried them on as I went along and they fit pretty well. My suggestion is that you try knitting a pair. It isn’t as daunting as you’d think:)

    1. Lol I had fun as we stopped in Dover on our way between Boston and Maine. It was the best stop for me as I got gf/df food and a knitting store!

    1. Yay you! I have one more small thing to pick up and then can wrap my last gift!
      Yes my mittens are awesome, but the Tin CanKnits pattern was awesome to start with so they couldn’t be any other way!

  2. Check out Nordstrom for gloves I have a great pair yes they were speedy, but after owning them six years I think I’ve got my monies back. It is also the first pair of gloves I ever kept up with 😂

  3. I love Thai restaurants so much. We have one near us that is super authentic- you have to take your shoes off to eat in the designated area and it is very quiet. It is probably my favorite restaurant here & the food is phenomenal. Always love reading your updates, AJ!

    1. Oh that sounds lovely! This place was super small and quiet, but very busy! I’d like to go back and try the spicy version of the dishes!
      Thank you:)

      1. The pattern I use came with a kit I bought, which the writer doesn’t seem to have published otherwise. There is one in the Kate Atherley mitten book that looks pretty similar. I know there are bunches on Ravelry too!

  4. Those are cute mittens and you are right – the “buddy system” for your fingers works to keep your fingers warmer – same for toes and that’s why socks are one piece … except I used to have a pair of what they called crazy socks – they looked like gloves and each toe was a different color!

      1. I even bought those photographer’s gloves and an “underglove” and my fingers were still cold the day I went and it was 18F (-7C). They felt like my fingers would drop off.

      2. Oh that’s not good at all. I think I’d go with homemade mitts that have the peel back top layer. Homemade Knits always seem warmer to me!

      3. My mom used to make me home-made knit items and I still have some of them – there were scarves that looked like two clubs (like in a deck of cards) and they crossed with a loop and one side tucked into the other side … they are really warm and I’ve had them for decades.

  5. I figured you would have knit yourself your mittens and/or gloves. Glad you are having a good end of the year hopefully the magical winter break is good for your children

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