This doesn’t happen often, but overall it was a quiet day.


I lounged in bed for quite a while this morning and then met up with Sarah and Kula for a run around a local lake. It was short- only 3.5km, but super gorgeous. It is kind of sad though as this is another trail that has been pedestrianized so absolutely everyone can use it. That means it won’t be as quiet as it was today for long.


I finished The Rancher’s Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart today.

This last installment of the Return of the Blackwell Brother’s series features Chance, the youngest and most famous Blackwell. He ran away with foreman’s daughter ten years ago and never looked back, even after he lost his wife. He had plenty of anger to keep him away. However, his love of his brother’s brings him back to the ranch and to the foreman’s younger daughter.

I really liked this final book in the series because it brought the whole family together and that’s important to me.

I was left wondering what happened to Zoe and to Grace’s sister. I suppose it’s tough to tie up every loose end when there are five authors involved, but I was curious about those two.

I’m not a big fan of the sister in law love story, never have been and probably never will be, though I understand it happens often, but thankfully this story has enough other angles happening that this part didn’t bother me too much.

The ending of this story is perfect with the reversal of roles!

Thank you to all five of these authors for allowing me to read their work!


I did a little baking today and made some shortbread cookies for the party I went to tonight. They are gluten free and dairy free whipped shortbread. I followed this Recipe and was quite happy with it. I omitted the almond extract and I won’t if I make it again as it would help make it taste more traditional. I did like how the cookies melt in your mouth like real shortbread does.

The shortbread was well received and gone when I left the party. Someone said it really tasted like shortbread, so that’s good!


I headed to my friend Corianne’s Christmas party and it was nice to be out and meet new people. I only stayed a few hours as I had a good book on the go:)


Thanks to Abbey for organizing Blogmas! Make sure you go check out the other sites too!

Stockings were always fun in my family. I remember my brother waking me up at 5am to open our stockings as we weren’t allowed to open our gifts until the grandparents arrived. The stocking always had our first mandarin orange of the season and a pack of life savers in it. Otherwise, we’d have a little something to play with. I have to admit to being surprised at what people put in stockings, but for us it was simple like chapstick. It was always the most fun to open as it was the first thing we opened:)

Well, I’m going back to my book.

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “A Quiet Day in December

  1. I love shortbread! I did a little of bit of baking today as well, but it didn’t turn out that well!( well, mistakes happen!) Hope you’re feeling better now!

      1. OK, going to do it today AJ – I had fractious Comcast issues and was horribly behind in Reader and felt badly … I took pics of the recipes but will likely need to retype to ensure I got everything….

  2. gorgeous location for a walk.
    the cookies look yummy too. I started baking this weekend and have to get moving to finish it up soon

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