A second quiet day in December…how did I get so lucky?!


I headed out for my usual Sunday morning run, but it turned into a walk around the river as I couldn’t breathe through my nose and my running partner’s back was bothering him. It was actually really nice to just walk and catch up and amazingly it stayed dry!

I did get out for a run late this afternoon. It was just the half hour that was necessary for my Squad Runner mission for Monday, but it felt good. Again, I got lucky and it didn’t rain!


I guess I have read a lot today as I have finished two books! 🤣

The first is Patience for Christmas by Grace Burrowes.

This tells of Patience Friendly who writes an advice column for Douglas MacHugh’s publishing house in order to make ends meet. MacHugh has asked Patience to write extra columns for Christmas in a literary match-up against rival advice columnist Professor Pennypacker.

I loved this book! It starts with a scene featuring the Wyndham ladies before they were married so I have to assume this book was meant to be from before the Wyndham series. The inclusion of these beloved characters only improved the book more.

By chapter two I was laughing. This book contains humor, warmth and intrigue- a perfect mix in fact!

I also liked how the traditional roles were slightly altered and Patience was represented as a woman with fabulous business acumen and MacHugh was a strong enough man to allow that and even to encourage it.

This book is a lovely, quick read for the holidays!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My second book of the day was Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks.

This is the story of very organized Jessie Santana and very laissez-faire Shawn Lassiter. She is in need of a roommate for the summer, but doesn’t really want that roommate to be her best friend’s older brother.

This book had excellent pacing. The reader is never bored or just wading through parts. It is realistically timed and yet the reader doesn’t have to read each and every ho hum day.

The characters are very well developed and are multi-dimensional. In fact the characters are so well written that the male lead drove me crazy with his attitude towards everything throughout the book!

The book is very steamy and hot, but also had its sweet moments. I love that it ends on a sweet moment and the reader is left knowing what happened with the couple, though I do hope we get an update when it’s the friend’s turn to find her HEA.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I took a break from reading to do a little knitting. I had two skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky in a green and have found a pattern that claims I can make a vest out of that. Here’s hoping!


I watched Stop the Wedding tonight and quite enjoyed it. The characters are sweet and the premise was crazy enough to keep me entertained:)

Well I need sleep as I can only imagine how crazy my students are going to be tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


32 thoughts on “A Second Quiet Day

      1. Yes it was definitely a miracle! I was dressed for rain as it sounded wet outside, but it must have just been the trees dripping at that point

  1. We had Christmas with our girls and family/friends joined us for luncheon. It was noisy but so much fun! Now today was a quiet day except for cookie baking and roast for dinner. I don’t need to eat for 2 more days!

      1. Good luck! He is going to Mexico from 12/20 to 12/28. I am hoping no client emergencies come in tomorrow … he will take his laptop in case something comes up and we have to prepare something back-and-forth together … I think it will be slow this week though since this is really like a four-day weekend since Christmas is a Tuesday and most places will be closed on Monday.

      2. Thanks AJ – I need it – we have been really busy the last 18 or so months and always something happening when he leaves on a vacation and he has to be contacting me – it used to be my time to myself.

      3. Well I hope you get time to yourself as we can all use that! I was just reading a blog today with ideas of what to do with time for yourself

      4. Mercifully he has left and the Appeal Decision did NOT come in! I am excited and hope it does not arrive in the mail until after the New Year. I am so relieved! Now going to finish my blog I started after he left tonight about cookies. Had to have a few for inspiration now that I am eating sweets again. Did you know you can buy GF Walker’s Scottish Shortbread at Amazon?

      5. Yay! Here’s to less work🎉
        Yes I saw the gluten free shortbread, but unfortunately it’s not dairy free☹️

      6. Oh, I totally forgot that part – I was going to say that the last few years of my Mom’s life, I was in the grocery store and saw some Walker’s Shortbread and bought some. She “declared” it was as good as her shortbread breakers and never made any shortbread that year or after that. I forgot to get some to add to my cookie feast stash!

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