I seem to do everything in the dark and the rain lately! I can’t wait for that extra minute of daylight to start on Saturday!


I can’t say that we accomplished much today, other than we did get the card made for our parent present. Once again, I was impressed. We gave examples and talked about what was easier and what would be the harder option.

This is one little guy who is always super creative and artistic and he put his own spin on it:)

We also learned about Christmas in Japan. It was our most successful learning yet as it had the simplest video, but the children seemed to pick up more. It was neat to learn that Christmas is completely non-religious there. They decorate with trees, lights and Santa’s. They celebrate in Christmas Eve and actually go to work on Christmas Day! Every family has their own story of how Santa gets into the house and it is often a romantic night for couples, like Valentines Day.

I just had to leap across the classroom to stop the video before they showed the single people partying.

This afternoon was what my students have been waiting for all week! We decorated gingerbread men! It was absolute chaos as there were five classes in the gym doing this at the same time and half of my parent volunteers didn’t show up:(. We all survived and the children still seemed to have a good time:)


I once again came home as quickly as possible to try and get to run in daylight, but it didn’t happen. I ran about 6.7km and had to walk the last few hundred feet as the sidewalk was teeming with people going to the CP Holiday Train. I was supposed to go with friends but it was pouring so we decided not to.


Still working on the green vest. At least it makes progress quickly because of the bulky yarn!


I finished Flare Up by Shannon Stacey late last night. It is the latest book in her series Boston Fire.

I loved this book as much as the rest in the series! Grant Cutter and Wren Everett dated and got quite serious before she disappeared into thin air. When Grant rescues her, they have no choice but to deal with their emotions.

I loved how the characters and situations were so real and yet there was no drama for the sake of drama. When Wren is scared, she talks:) When Grant is worried, he talks to friends. Wow these characters actually communicate!!!

I also loved the background cast of all the other characters and how strong a role they played in the book. Friends play a role in our lives daily whether we see them or not so I love that that was reflected in this book.

The pacing of the book is great as the action obviously takes place over a bit of time and yet the reader doesn’t have to read about every go hum day or get whiplash from insta-love. It was actually really interesting to read a book where the characters were dealing with that weird situation of dating someone you’ve already dated.

Finally, the ending was lovely, though I wish it hadn’t come!


I have been worried lately that my advent calendar from Twinings was just going to repeat after Day 15, but today I had another new tea. It’s called Pure Rooibus Red Tea. I found that it got strong very quickly, but that it also had a slight green tea flavor to me. It is definitely a Tea I would have again.

Product Review:

Last night when I was supposed to be buying a hamburger patty, I bought a new brand of egggnog instead: Earth’s Own So Fresh Almond Nog. This may just beat So Delicious Coconut Nog as my new favourite eggnog as it has a stronger flavor:) Yum!!!


I also watched A Very Very Valentine tonight. I guess I really should be watching Christmas movies, but this was the next one I had taped. It was a cute movie, but I think my favourite part was identifying all the places I know. I’ve had tea at that bakery! I’ve ran that part of the sea wall! Maybe I am just too easily entertained🤣


When I was a child the only Christmas Eve tradition I remember is that we got to rent a movie and have pizza on this night. This was the only time all year that these two events occurred so it was a big deal!!! Nowadays I don’t really have any Christmas Eve traditions. I admit my mom and I have spent many Christmas eves finishing last minute crafty gifts, but these days I’m usually just sitting quietly at home reading. I hope you all have more exciting Christmas Eve plans than I do!

Well I’m off to bed early because I can😜

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Dark and Rainy Must Be My Thing

  1. Full honesty I didn’t even read the post yet haha. But the first little bit about the extra minute of sunlight on Saturday is very much me. A friend and I were even talking about it at the dog park yesterday. Okay back to the post 😉

    That is so odd to me that Christmas in Japan has no religious ties. That’s the first place I’ve heard of that

    1. Oh I am counting the moments until that extra daylight! I am so tired of always being out in the dark!
      Japan was a really neat place to learn about!

      1. Same!! Although we probably won’t really tell a difference for a month or so. But in my head I’ll force myself into seeing a difference

  2. I have some friends in Japan and it’s interesting how New Year’s is a much bigger deal there than Christmas. Most people take several days off work for the New Year, or even the whole week.

    1. Yes the video just mentioned they take down decorations immediately to prepare for New Years! I’ve found it so interesting how all the countries differ!

  3. Interesting Japan traditions. Zach is ready for Friday for sure. Growing up we always opened gifts on Christmas eve. Then we married and took Fireman’s family tradition of Christmas morning. Which reminds me I have yarn to gift to Al and to wrap. I did make her a smitten as she is dating a guy and I can imagine them skating together in OKlahoma at their outdoor rink.

    1. Oh that’s awesome that Al has found someone she enjoys spending time with. Getting yarn would be an awesome gift!!!
      If there is a teacher out there who isn’t looking forward to Friday, I don’t want to meet them!

  4. Our Christmas Eve is filled with our Church’s service at 5:00, (usually with one or more of us playing an instrument), then home for soup. We always had the girls open their Christmas pajamas, then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have red velvet cake. No kids home this year, so it will be different.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day, gingerbread chaos aside 🙂 Interesting learning about Japanese Christmas!
    We used to have a little family party at our house Christmas eve and then go to midnight candlelight services. Then Christmas day was for presents and family parties at the grandparent houses.

  6. I think it is funny that you watch Christmas movies all year, but now that it is Christmas time you aren’t watching Christmas movies.

  7. So many fun things here!! How awesome to learn about a Japan Christmas- I have been loving learning more about Japan this past year- it suddenly popped up on my radar since living in SF and I would LOVE to visit Tokyo sometime. Also, that almond eggnog sounds absolutely spectacular. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, AJ!

    1. I hope you had an awesome Christmas too!
      I loved learning about Christmas around the world, perhaps even more than my students🤣
      There are so many places I want to visit!

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