I end up doing things that I only would do at Christmas!


We actually put pencil to paper this morning and wrote about our cookie decorating tomorrow. This was for hallway writing which is where students write about all major events of the year without any help. At the end of the year I bundle it all into a book. It’s really fun to see how far they come in their writing!

After recess we wrapped our parent gifts. Last year I taught the grade ones how to wrap a present properly and it was funny to see how many of them objected to the tissue paper and bag we used this year. They wanted to “wrap it right”. Next we’ll work on their grammar🤣

We finally got all the directed drawing Santa’s finished so this afternoon we coloured candy canes and then had centres. They were all so good that I got a ton of penguin stuff printed off:)


I left work quickly to run home, shower off the kid and hop in the car to get out to the valley for dinner with friends. We went to The Vault which really does have a small vault and other cool decor. The food was great, as was the company. I had the mixed seafood grill with vegetables. It’s great when you have friends that you can sit down and start talking to like no time has passed when it’s really been at least a half year since you last saw them. I’m hoping we can have one more visit before they go back to Boston:)


Check out Abbey and all the others doing Blogmas as I swear they have more interesting answers🤣

Snow…. hmmm I love it as long as I don’t have to go out in it!! It makes the world bright, fresh and quiet which is awesome when I can sit by the window knitting and enjoy it, but if I have to go out, I prefer rain or nothing! I once got snowed in st my parents for 2.5 weeks which was crazy and got me started carrying extra underwear in my purse when it calls for snow and I’m going out!🤣

well, I need sleep as it’s the Christmas concert tomorrow!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Only at Christmas

    1. Lol great!!!! It’s been fun and made me think about things I hadn’t before! Abbey organized do just let her know as she has an awesome memory!
      Are you getting excited?

      1. I bet!!!! Enjoy every second and I expect coffee or movie night ASAP when you’re home do I can hear all about it!

    1. It was crazy! That was about ten years ago and it was so bad I couldn’t even walk the less than 10km from my parents to my place!

  1. I love that your students wanted to wrap their presents. The Santas came out really cute. I did it with my kiddos, but 4 year olds drawing Santa is quite comical compared to your students. oh well… its the process.

    enjoy your last day before break!

    1. Lol I’ve had years where the drawing has been comical too. This year I just have a few super artistic ones who drive the class forward as a whole

      1. They did make me smile when I saw them … they might’ve passed for elves! Your last day of work … woo hoo! Safe travels when you leave to visit your parents.

      2. You’re like me – I so needed some time just to be away from the endless editing/revising … I have his out-of-office message on and check in during the day to ensure no one has an emergency and check voicemail as he is in Mexico and it saves roaming charges. Most of our clients, when they have an emergency that needs attention ASAP, do not use the office voicemail as they know I work offsite, so they contact him on the cell. In the past when he was in South Africa, Galapagos Islands and Australia on a cataraman trip on the Great Barrier Reef, I just checked the cellphone as well, but not this time. Just chilling my mind a little. 🙂

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