Yesterday was quite the busy day!


I ran to Thrifty’s for some baking ingredients and when I got back my cousin and uncle were there to deal with the truck issue. I sure hope this makes them happy!😖😖😖


I thought I’d be going for a run, but it turned out I spent the morning making baking disasters. My nan cake was a flop:) The cake was too hard, the pudding never set, and the cocoa whip was too runny. I guess I’ll have to practice.

I quickly made a set of multiple choice bars from the Hannah Swenson Lake Eden Cookbook, but I burned the top and it was too sweet. I ended up stopping at the IGA and grabbing cherry pie filling, whipping cream and salted caramel brownies.


My brother and his family came from the island to my other brother’s house and then my sister in law’s brother and his family came out too (he is my other brother’s best friend). We made gingerbread houses where the children ate a ton of candy and glued everything they possibly could to their house🤣. There wasn’t much candy left for auntie Ali to use on her house.

We then bundled up and headed out to a local lake that has an amazing light display. Here we were joined by my aunt and uncle and a cousin, his wife and son. It was so neat to have so many of us together. Not all of us, but probably the most for many years! We even got a picture, of course my oldest nephew his during it. My family is definitely not Hallmark, but we got close enough for me. I realized last night that I just like us all being in one house:). We are talking about Palm Springs for next Christmas though as it would be warmer, no rain and maybe we could convince my parents to join us as they haven’t been here for Christmas in three years!!! And mom, I’m not the one who made that comment last night!

Later in the evening we walked down the block to look at one of those crazy Christmas houses. It took care of the dogs and the kids!

I finally got to bed at about 11:30 and so didn’t post, but now you know how I almost had a perfect family Christmas:) Now I just wish someone would text me and tell me what’s happening today!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Early Christmas

    1. Isn’t it?! I laughed that we literally walked there as I usually drive so far to see amazing Christmas lights and here it was a block away!

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