It was quite the day with lots of great things!


I got out this morning for a run, but it was very quick. We did 3.6km as it was so wet and cold. I had managed to step out of the vehicle into a puddle over my ankles and then my feet froze. I was happy to eat out of it for tea!


After a quick hot shower and a rice cake with Pb & j. I went back over to my brother’s though I hadn’t heard from anyone. I so hate being left out of stuff. I missed breakfast:(

It was miserable all day so it was a day of doing the jigsaw puzzle and watching movies. My sister in law says it’s not normal that I haven’t seen the movie Footloose. I will try to remedy this:)


After a nap in front of the fireplace I drove out to meet some friends. I really didn’t want to drive for an hour in the rain, but I made myself go and ended up having a good time! There were six of us and we met at Menchies.

It was great to visit and three hours went very fast! The above picture is my mango dairy free sorbet with coconut and banana chips. I won for the cheapest ice cream. Lol I suppose allergies are good for something.

I’m home now and watching the Grinch movie in bed. I have discovered that I don’t own It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas on DVD😫. This is going to need to be rectified quickly!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Needs to be Rectified!

  1. a puddle in december isn’t good no matter what! I hope you enjoy your time relaxing with your family and friends

  2. You haven’t seen Footloose?! I think you will like it. It’s so good! Let us know what you think when you finally watch it Your combo with mango sorbet & coconut sounds terrific.

    1. I think I will like footloose too and will definitely be blogging about it:)
      I was super happy with my dessert and didn’t even feel guilty:)

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