My day was surprisingly quiet but lovely. I have a few pictures to show you but unfortunately I’m yet again out of memory:( I guess I’m going to have to step up and pay and change my site. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


I was supposed to go to my brother’s for 8:45, but my sister in law texted about 7:30 and said they were already awake and to come anytime. I quickly baked the maple nut scones I had made previously for the Fantastic Bake Along. I knew immediately they weren’t going to be as good as last time. The batter was just too runny:(. I took them anyways, but at this point I’m almost afraid to try baking anything☹️


I sat and opened presents with my brother, sister in law and nephew. I love how they do one gift at a time so everyone can see what people got. I love watching people open gifts! They surprised me with a gift card for a pedicure. It was so not necessary!

My sister in law made an amazing breakfast of egg cups, bacon and fruit salad. It was all so yummy!!!!


I came home and got my dressing prepared. It’s always drier when it’s made outside the bird, but boy is it yummy! I tried cornbread stuffing but definitely prefer my pork and poultry seasoning- easy and yummy!


With my dressing done, I got out the door for a quick run. It was painful as I was way too overstuffed from breakfast! It did feel great to get out though in the cold!


I finished a green vest for next Christmas season (and I wore it tonight). I also did a green headband with the leftover yarn so that’s two skeins off my stash list.

I then started a cowl for the holiday market next year when I was at Brenda’s. I’ve used up two skeins on that so far so I’ll be able to take four skeins off the list:)


I got a change to take in Christmas Kiss this afternoon and this evening I am enjoying The 12 Men of Christmas. I have to watch this as we watched Die Hard 1 & 2 at Brenda’s and I need something sweet and happy before I try to sleep🤣


I spent the evening at Brenda’s knitting and watching movies. I enjoyed the quiet time and the dinner was amazing!!!! It takes forever to make and it only took twenty minutes to eat and clean up🤣


I ended up getting two tea pots, two boxes of tea and four tea mugs. Does everyone think I do nothing but drink tea? I’m going to have to go through and cull my mug collection so I can fit these new ones into the cupboard.

Well I’m off to bed as I’m getting up super early for a flight to visit my parents in the morning. I’m not sure what the WiFi situation is down there so you will either hear from me continuously for the next week or not at all. Let’s hope for the former!

Have fun and Merry Christmas everyone!


36 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

      1. I am seriously so happy that you joined in with me this year!! 🙂 I had a blast with you! I have a note in my calendar for the beginning of November to email everyone who participated this year to work on ideas for next year, so we will definitely include her! 🙂

  1. We have a big collection of mugs. John has several boxes for those that don’t fit on our shelves, and we change them out from time to time through the year. If we buy one more Christmas mug, we’ll have to rotate them mid-season.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day. Hope you have a great time visiting with your parents. Did you ever figure out something that you could do while you were down with them? Rest up and enjoy the quiet.

    1. I brought a knitting pattern with me and sent yarn with them. Hopefully it will link up and I’ll have a sweater to show for my time!

  3. Thank you for your wisdom. I know it is hard for my daughter too. ! ! Zach is still here, thank goodness. We aren’t the most exciting parents, but we try to feed him well and enjoy his stay. His kitten is most delightful

    1. My parents too! It’s just nice to have time together:). Being fed and taken care of sounds great! I’m sure he enjoys himself as it’s nice after taking care and being responsible for kids all day!

  4. I had 15 books for Christmas including secret santas, but we also had two mugs between us. They’re Christmas-themed ones, though, so I think we’ll save them for this season. People often buy me mugs and notebooks as well as books!

    1. Yup! It seems such a waste! My parents and I went out for thanksgiving and that might be the way to go- no prep, no clean up. Potluck made it better though:)

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