It was a quiet holiday day, but I was supposed to be escaping the rain!


Last night in bed I was thinking that maybe I had dropped my headphone charger in the truck, but unfortunately it turned out not to be true:( I also haven’t heard back from any of my inquiries☹️


My mom showed me around all their recent projects. It’s neat to see all the things she has been talking about. Now I just have to talk them into letting me help.

The cutest part of the tour was the black lab who belongs to the owner:)


I didn’t get any exercise today so it’s going to be scary if this continues! I’ll have to talk them into letting me do work if no running occurs or I’ll go home a roly-poly little one.

The cool thing I learned today was that one of the members of my Squad Runner team lives near to where I am! Hopefully I will get the chance to meet her!!!


I have spent a lot of today knitting. I have decided to go ahead using the same needles as I usually have to size sweaters down. It’s a nice knit so far because it’s mostly just knitting and yet it has thirteen interesting stitches every round.


I am officially obsessed. I am working my way through season 1 of the Great British Baking Show. This was actually the compromise between my Hallmark movies and my dad’s violent movies. Of course now all I want to do is bake!

It has rained, thunder and lightning all afternoon. I was supposed to be avoiding this by coming to Arizona!

I’m going back to the baking show!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “What is this???

  1. The “Great Britain Bake Off” (with Mary Berry) is an excellent series. I don’t know if that’s what you’re watching, but it’s one I recommend xx

  2. The Great British Bake off is excellent for watching! It also making for cravings which is a downside. I’ve got my husband hooked on them now too:) Be sure to watch the Master Class episodes. There is so much knowledge there!

    1. Wow okay I will keep my eye open. It kept both my parents and I entertained! I couldn’t believe some of the things that were made!

  3. How long are you staying down with your parents? I”m sure you will carve out a bit of time to get in a workout or two. you could always do some HIIT stuff even if you don’t get in a run. This coming from the person who hasn’t worked out since probably thanksgiving (o:

    1. We are almost done season 1 but WiFi isn’t great here so it cut out before we got to see who won. I’ll have to finish it off today

  4. I can feel sorry for you with all the rain. The drippy stuff has settled in here. The water is trying to carve out a stream on both sides of our property. Runoff from the horse pasture joins the excess from the road and snakes through the cow pasture. At least I feel no urge to get out in the garden and work!

  5. Mary Berry left after a few seasons but Paul Hollywood stays! I have seen every episode and love them all. I agree about the wanting to bake too. Everything looks so great!

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