I woke up this morning to cold!


I decided not to go out this morning as I had only brought capris and a t shirt to run in.

This afternoon I realized that I may have trouble tracking my run. I walked the 5km necessary for the Squad Runner mission, but unfortunately it disappeared completely when I got home, without giving me any points:(



I headed into town with my mom to drop a friend off to pick up her truck. We stopped in at the local IGA and I happily wandered the aisles. I brought home a nut treat that was truly awful and went to the hens!

Thankfully I also brought home Schar entertainment crackers. They are amazing!!!! They taste like real crackers!! I’m going to have to get my mom to bring some home for me!


I have been knitting away while enjoying the British Baking Show. I am up to the point where I need to separate for front and back, but I decided I will do that tomorrow when it is quiet and I can concentrate.

Well I’m just starting season 2 of The Great British Baking Show so I’m off:)

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Grrrr!

  1. Glad your break is going well. Zach seems relaxed about the break! I wish he’ d stay the whole week, but he has a party to go to and connecting with friends is very important for him right now.

  2. You were supposed to be soaking up the sun and not freezing or having rain – Mother Nature is not playing nice with you AJ. I heard an interesting story the other day and tracked it down as well … do you like fruitcake? The radio story said it is the new “energy food” for runners. I wonder if you could find a gluten- free fruitcake … these people are raving about it, saying it replaces protein bars. My mom always had fruitcake here – I don’t mind it, but prefer something with more texture, like a cooky: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fruitcake-the-classic-festive-christmas-dessert-is-the-perfect-energy-food/

    1. They are so good!!! My dad has one of my crackers and cheese and said it was good and didnโ€™t even realize he had eaten gf/df!

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