This won’t be the post I was expecting to do today, but I’ll save that for tomorrow!


I have spent a lot of time watching the Great British Baking Show again. I finished season 4 and tried 5, but really missed Mel and Sue and Mary so I’ve gone back to watch the Beginnings show instead. What am I going to do when I finish this???


I have been watching a lot of TV because I finished my sweater today:)🎉🎊

I am super happy with it even though the sleeves did end up being slightly different lengths. I’m really not sure how that happened, but I spend my life with my sleeves rolled up so it won’t bug me:)

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and am super happy with how soft it is. The entire sweater only used 1.75 skeins!!! I have another 2.25 left for the stash.

The pattern is called Waiting For Spring and is free on Ravelry. The pattern was relatively easy to follow, but I think my thirty plus years of knitting helped. There were some issues at some of the decrease areas. I had to use my knowledge of knitting to get it to work so I wouldn’t recommend the pattern for beginners.


Once done the sweater my parents and I had turkey dinner. It was very yummy and nice to feel like I had Christmas dinner with them.


My mom and I had bought puzzles when she was last home from Costco and we finished one tonight. Maybe we chose way too easy a puzzle🤣

Well I’m hoping tomorrow to do a recap of my year, but it will have to wait for tomorrow:)

Have fun!


44 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I really like the color of that sweater. it looks really cozy. glad you are enjoying your time with your parents. Happy New Year

  2. We got a puzzle this year and we did NOT pick an easy one 😂 it was 1000 piece, had all these sticks and trees that we’re indiscernible, oh and everything was covered in snow! Oh boy, it took like 12+ hours of work (me doing the last 1/3 by myself). We vowed to never venture to that dark puzzle side again.

    1. Lol we’ve had some puzzles like that too. We were saying today that it usually takes us at least a week to finish the New Year puzzle.

  3. Happy New Year to you AJ! For some reason my internet is slow and I see the image icon, but no sweater so will have to check it out later – you sure did that quickly!

    1. Happy New Year Linda! Yes this sweater seems to have gone quickly, but probably just because I’m not doing anything else🤣

      1. I am hearing it is cold and snowy in Flagstaff all the way to Phoenix – well OMG! Other parts of the Southwest like New Mexico as well. Hope it was a one-day event!

      1. Yes, 500 is the smallest for me 🙂 But also depends on “picture”. Even 500 can be hard. Can you share the picture of your puzzle?

  4. Wait – your Series 5 was the first one with Noel and Sandy? That’s our Series 8! They are actually OK to be honest. But that’s weird, presumably you lost the earliest ones. Happy New Year!

  5. So I watched The Great British Baking show out of order, and I actually preferred Noel and Sandi as hosts! I’m warming up to the other two now though. Gosh, I can’t get enough of the show though- too darn good!

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