A Nice Break

My day changed and it has been lovely!


We started our penguin research books this morning. We didn’t get as far as planned, but it went well. I love how excited the children are- they’re bringing stuff on penguins from home!

We also had a visit from the local librarian. They run a contest about the best book of the year and then a random class wins a new book a month for the rest of the year. I’ve never won:(

Finally this afternoon we did our science experiment. On Tuesday we learned how a penguin’s skin is waterproof and today we used a blubber hand to learn how a penguin stays warm. The kids were super intrigued and enjoyed the experiment.Amazing to think something this simple brings such giggles and learning!

My lunch was unfortunately taken up with a meeting so I am once again behind in reading your blogs:(. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

This afternoon I spent the seven minutes of silent reading, reading on the carpet with the kids. Afterwards, one girl told me it was so quiet she almost fell asleep. It was probably the best silent reading period we’ve ever had! Who knew my reading would make a difference!


I escaped as early as possible after finishing the prep for the week and getting the calendar ready for the new month and having a parent meeting. My running buddy had texted to say she was sick and though I’m still not feeling all that great, I headed out for an easy run.

It turned out to be a good run:). This evening I looked back on my exercise this month and I’ve actually managed to exercise 84% of the time. Unfortunately me eating has been deplorable so that will be my focus next month. I’d like to get to that 80% balance!

I keep remembering my mom saying that only that which is measured will improve, so I looked at my running this month. I have done 97.5km. I was aiming for 100km but know I will easily make up the 2.5km in nicer weather months. I have done:

2km- 2 runs

3km- 5 runs

4km- 4 runs

5km- 5 run

6km- 3 runs

9km- 1 run

Next month I would like to eliminate the 2km runs.


I am still reading The Hating Game- though I did make myself do my dishes first! But now, I’m going back to it!

Have fun!



Sorry for no post, I was just too exhausted yesterday!


A regular day at school. We learned about compound words, the Chinese New Year and that’s about it! It seems like we’re so busy until I write it down!


Yesterday was boot camp day. I’m thinking I didn’t push myself enough as I don’t hurt today. However, since my stomach was still unhappy, it’s probably a good thing.

We did: jump squats/pushups, sumo lunges to burpee/ front jump to iso squat walk back, bicycles/ banded adductors, stability ball hip raises and hamstring curls, stability ball sit ups and leg raises to hip raise, banded fire hydrants both sides, bicep curls/ tricep extensions, and deadlift to knee drive on both sides.

Socializing/ Eating:

I ran home and got cleaned up to meet friends for a Dine Out Vancouver meal. We do one meal a year and have tried some awesome places. I have to admit I often pick them based on whether I can have dessert! 🤣. Last night we went to Chickpea. I wasn’t impressed at first when I had to wait for a table, even though I had made a reservation. As well, they didn’t seem to have the staff to deal with the amount of customers they had.

I have to admit the food was really good, but there was way too much of it! I ordered cauliflower of life but there was also hummus, and a ton of different kinds of food that came with our entrees. I found out I liked the pickled vegetables, and the eggplant the most. Their chickpea fries were delicious too!

It was all very good, but I felt very sick by the time I left.

It was home and straight to bed!

Have fun!



My day was going along just fine until I finished lunch!


This was the big excitement at work today- a new floor in the staff room. $6,000 for a new floor that no one particularly wanted, but there’s no library budget this year:( It’s tough to work with people who don’t have the same priorities as you do!

We did journals this morning. The children had the choice between writing about their weekend and writing about what they would do if they were a penguin. It was pretty cute and showed that some of them have learned a lot!

We did a review of expanded form in math as during the assessment a few of them had problems. It appears only when I’m assessing them as they did wonderfully well today. Maybe being able to write on the board was the magic they needed.

My soup blew up in the microwave at lunch so after cleaning the microwave I only had about a half cup left. My friend Lyndsay came to my rescue with celery and hummus. It was the same hummus I had yesterday so I don’t know why I got so sick after lunch. I couldn’t even draw a full breath because of the pain and I considered coming home early. I just can’t figure it out which drives me crazy!!! I’ve been living on ginger ale all evening.

This afternoon we did a penguin science experiment. We are learning about the three layers penguins have- skin/feathers, trapped air and blubber. Today we coated one of the hands of each child and then they put both hands in cold water. They discovered the hand with petroleum jelly was warmer and the water beaded on that hand. The kids loved it and for such a simple experiment, they will remember it:)


I came home right away after school and stared on my ginger ale diet! I read at the same time and finished my newest book, The Ingredients Of Love. It was a very interesting book because of the premise. This woman reads a books that features her and her restaurant in it. She of course wants to meet the author as she has questions, but there’s a mystery there. It’s chick lit, but very enjoyable!


My running buddy was up for a run tonight so I went out with her, but kept it short. We did an easy warm up, then one big hill and three short hills. It wasn’t much, but at least something.

I am on to my newest book from the library, The Hating Game. I’m liking it so far! Oh and if you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend the Libby app as anyone in Canada or the US can take books out of libraries on this app! It’s awesome!

Have fun!


Successful ProD

A different kind of work day today, but very successful!

I had arranged a self directed ProD with a couple of colleagues as none of the workshops on offer were what I was looking for. We met at an office space at my friend’s building and took over the area. It was a gorgeous space to work as there were floor to ceiling windows to let in the beautiful sunshine we had all day.

My co- teacher and I got a lot done! We had made a list of topics that we wanted to learn more about so that we could implement them in our classrooms.

We learned how to implement loose parts through our writing program. We determined a new Writer’s workshop plan that would meet the needs in our grade 1/2 classes and still be interesting. We studied the new core competencies in our curriculum and have researched a picture book for each that we can teach them through and an activity we can have students complete to show their learning of that competency. We then researched the components of a successful PE program and have come up with a plan to implement it and brainstormed activities that can be used for each of those components.

All in all, it was probably one of the most successful ProD days I’ve ever had. I learned a ton of new things and can implement them immediately. This feels good as I often find I learn things at ProD but don’t implement them as I need to gather resources or research items for it:(


We had a lot of food options for three people! I contributed the yellow container of goodies. The protein balls, cookies and cupcakes were a hit! The carrot pineapple muffins with vegan cream cheese frosting were amazing – so moist! The recipe is from Cooking for Isiah by Sylvana Nardone. The only change I made was to use Bob’s Redmill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour rather than her flour blend. They were so good and the vegan cream cheese frosting from Minimalist Baker was also yummy!

Watching the Great British Baking Show obviously rubbed off on me in a good way as I used a cookie cutter to make my muffins all the same size on top and piped the icing instead of just messily spreading it!

I have to admit I wasn’t super happy with the recipe I tried this week for veggie scones. The scones had a good taste, but were super dry:( I am thinking that I may try changing my maple nut scone recipe to a savory recipe and see if that works better.


First thing this morning I headed out for a half hour run to fulfil my Squad Runner mission. It was an okay run and I noticed that my pace was recorded more accurately since I started running before I pressed start on my tracking app. That was at least nice. I need about another ten kilometers before the end of the month to keep on top of my yearly goal.

I came home after work and had a quick nap and then went for a massage. I didn’t do very well with organization as I only had an hour to enjoy my niece loose, stretches out body before I went with Corri to Battlefit class. This is just never going to be my favourite class! Tonight we did lots of drills (just like gym class again☹️). Then we had to go run 8 laps of the small indoor track to make up a kilometer. Our first workout was then 30 kettlebell cleans and walking lunges of the length of the gym and back while holding a dumbbell straight over our heads. We had to do this sequence three times.

Our second workout was 50 wall balls, 40 mountain climbers (each leg), 30 kettlebell swings, 20 kettlebell row stops and 10 lateral bench hops with burpees. We then had to go back up the ladder again.

I did it all, but have to admit I just don’t love this class. None of it seems fun:(


I have come home and been reading the book my sister in law gave me yesterday. The Ingredients Of Love has been a great read so far! I’m now going to go finish it:)

Have fun!


Busy Again

It was another busy day, but in a different way.


My sister in law managed to take me along as a buddy to her training clinic this morning. I couldn’t believe it when they talked for an hour!! The nutritionist was interesting and definitely highlighted that I haven’t been eating enough fruits and veggies, but an hour of talking was just too much!

We ended up running over to a local park that had a 400m path around it. We had to do 200m slow and 200m push ten times. I had never done it this way where you don’t have a walk break in between. I ended up staying with a woman who was upset that she was at the back. I was just out for a run so was happy enough to keep her company. We ended up doing 5.7km.

I also walked down to the local grocery store for a few odds and ends my brother’s family needed.


I spent a lot of today taking advantage of my brother’s WiFi and catching up on reading blogs.


My niece had bought dairy free daiya cheese so she could make taco salad for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I avoid daiya cheese. The salad though, was wonderful! My sister in law had also made a pavlova that we had as dessert with our lunch. It was very nice!


I started the trip home much later than I had planned to, and it seemed a very long trip!


I am meeting up with some friends tomorrow for ProD and though both of them said to not bother bringing anything, I just can’t do that! This evening I have made carrot cake muffins and savory vegetable scones. I’ll have to tell you tomorrow how they are though.

I think I’m off to bed as I’d like to get a run in tomorrow morning before work.

Have fun!


Wow Busy!

I can’t believe how much my family does in a day!


My sister in law and I ran down to my nephew’s soccer game. It’s great to get out, but it always reminds me of how slow I really am. We also ran back and stopped at the top for squats, dips, pushups and calf raises. It was more exercise than I expected to get!


I finished my current book through small reading times throughout the day! The Alice Network by Kate Quinn was amazing!!! This story takes place in two different time periods -1915 and 1947 and follows Eve, Charlie and Finn on their adventure. They are looking for people who made a big impact on their life.

I don’t love scary books, but this book, even with a few graphic moments just had me addicted! I couldn’t stop reading actually finished the 500 page novel in less than a week!

You should pick this book up!!


We went over and had drinks with one couple while the children were scootering.

We then came home as my brother had another couple coming for dinner. I ate way too much of the amazing meal my sister in law made!

The kids were so cute as they were marching around the house dressed up as different people. It was great to see kids engaged in creative play rather than screens!

I was happy when the couple went home about 9:30 as I was exhausted! This seemed like a much busier day than I’m used to!

Yipppeee Weekend!

It wasn’t a bad day, but definitely was busy!


I left early for work as I had a parent meeting this morning. It does drive me nuts when parents don’t inform me of big things! There is a big difference between how I deal with a little boy who is willfully not doing his work and how I deal with a little boy who is going through major issues at home. I couldn’t believe mom thought that a parental major illness wouldn’t affect her child?!?!😫

Friday journals went way better! I came up with the idea to turn them into a top ten list! I found a David Letterman video that was okay for children and then we went to it! I actually had reluctant writers asking if they could work on it during quiet time???🎊🎉

We handled gym, played math games and had buddies and outside playtime. All in all, a pretty good day!

The TOC next door very kindly gave me a ride down the hill when I realized I had to take my computer and two big books home with me!


I quickly ate a bagel and avocado (no judgment please on this being my second avocado of the day 🤪) and headed out the door for the ferry.

I just made the ferry by the skin of my teeth which is good as the next two after this were also already full! I amazingly had quite a quiet ferry ride- must remember where I sat so I can try to get this again!

My poor brother though had to deal with the traffic involved in picking me up. Maybe for that reason alone I should stick to driving on!

The evening with my family has been awesome! Lots of snuggles and giggles:)

I’m off to bed now as morning will come quickly!

Have fun!


Friday Eve

One of the bloggers I enjoy on here, Teacher Turned Mommy refers to Thursday as Friday Eve and it seems like a much more positive thought, so I’ll try to remember it!


Today was an okay day. We got through making connections with My Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss.

I got all the assessment of place value done while the kids did a fun dice sheet.

Finally this afternoon we finished our penguin art from last week. They turned out so cute! I always love it when the art allows the students to be creative in some way. In this case we left the eyes, nose and feet to the kids.


I came home as quickly as I could so I could get dinner and get out for a run. It’s so nice to at least start my runs in daylight now:). I went for my usual route to the park, but then realized I was going to be short for the necessary Squad Runner mission time of 45 minutes. I ended up running halfway back home and then doing another loop back to the park. At least tonight I felt strong and fast:). I also have started using both my Squad Runner app to track and my Runkeeper. I was missing seeing my splits as the ones on the Squad Runner app make absolutely no sense to me:(


I had a date tonight with a different guy than last week. This guy is really into working out and being healthy which I like.

Unfortunately he turned out to be not the guy for me. I have to admit it was pretty immediate when he walked right up, got himself a drink and didn’t even ask if I wanted something. 😑

Well I’m off to bed with my book!

Have fun!


A Change in Routine

Today I was off for an appointment, so it was a very different day for me.


With this bonus daylight time off, I got out for a run first thing this morning. I had planned on a 10km, but only managed 6.5km. My legs were just tired from last night and I was definitely feeling the lack of recovery time!

This evening I got a 1:05 plank and 200 squats done too:)


I spent a lot of last night and today reading as I started a new book last night that seems to be really good! I’m already on page 180! If you get the chance to read The Alice Network, go for it as it’s awesome so far!


I was off for an oral surgeon appointment and while my dentist isn’t going to be happy with the results, I am!


After talking to my mom and telling her all my news, I met up with Brenda for knit night or rather knit afternoon. I had torn out my sleeve last night and so got started on it again. I went down to 50 stitches for the sleeve and it seems much better! I just have 1.5″ to go before I do the border, so I think I’ll get to it!

Have fun!


I Know Better!

I let it get to me:)


I wanted to spend some time on my sleeve before school, but I then realized I’m 90% sure it’s going to be way too big so I lost my enthusiasm:(


I let the fact that I say everything ten times get to me today! We had our first writer’s workshop lesson this morning. The children did pretty well, but I had already lost track of how many times I had the same instructions over!

Our math time was rushed as we only had twenty minutes and I was trying to start the assessment on place value. So far I’m pretty happy with how the four children I got through did, but didn’t like the flustered feeling!

This afternoon we had to leave gym early as there were just too many accidents and kids hurt. They just didn’t seem to hear the reminder that they needed to remain in their feet!!!

Ugh most days the fact I repeat stuff all day doesn’t get to me, but today it did!


Tonight, I came home to escape reality and I finally finished my current book, The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle.

This is the story of Andrew York and Kelly McIntyre. They were high school sweethearts who loved to cook and bake together, but became separated. The story chronicles their second chance.

I liked the characters in this story and that there was plenty of background interest too. Kelly is a strong woman who grows stronger through the separation. Andrew is a bit of a dud at the start, but definitely sweetens up.

Kelly’s pet pig steals every scene he is in and the story between Andrew and his father adds interest.

I have to admit I felt like I had read an entire book by the time I got halfway through to where the plot really picked up. I felt as though this could have been two books- their second chance and then their new adventure. However, the plot twist definitely sweetened me on this book! It was a wonderful and delicious twist that made me go awwww.

Anyone who enjoys a second chance romance or anyone who enjoys baking or cooking (like me) will enjoy this book! I loved the detail included about the baking! Made me want to go make something in the kitchen.

Thank you to Nancy Naigle, Hallmark and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


Sarah and I were supposed to go the run clinic tonight, but we were both home early so we went out by ourselves. It was a good thing I was meeting here as I wouldn’t have been going otherwise! It was dark, cold and the rain was literally bouncing off the sidewalk!

We did a warm-up run over to the park and then since it was hills night at clinic we did hills. I put a dice roll app on my phone and used that to determine we had to do 3 reps of the hill and then we ran back home. It was great to do this with someone as it actually got done!

Well I’m going to leave you and go tackle fixing my sleeve!

Have fun!