It was another quiet day here.


My mom and I enjoyed several rom-com movies today, including A Christmas Prince and the sequel to it. They’re cute and my mom enjoyed them for the second time.

We also watched Christmas Crush which was quite funny. We both noticed that the musical scenes in this movie were well done.

I didn’t realize that my mom has actually seen more rom-com’s than I have!🤣


I got a headband done out of the rest of one of the skeins I used for my sweater. It also worked for one of the HPKCHC classes this month. It’s my favourite colour so I think I’ll keep this one for myself.


I have to mention the cheese I have been eating down here. It is a cashew cheese and it is so yummy! My dad actually had some and didn’t realize it was vegan!

Well I’ve packed my bags and checked in for my flight, so I guess I have to go home tomorrow. I hear I’m going back to torrential rains again😖☹️

Have fun!


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