The day got better as it went on:)

I definitely had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning, but I finally did to run out to Costco to grab some gas. I probably should have gone when the store was open, but oh well.


My eating today was definitely not normal, but it definitely was yummy!

This morning I tried out the new Green Mustache cafe that opened across from my place. I was really excited to try this place as everything is gluten free and dairy free. I tried the Banana and Buckwheat waffles with caramel cashew cream and chia jam with figs and walnuts. It was so delicious!!!!!!

Thankfully I didn’t eat again until I had dinner with a friend this evening. We were out shopping and stopped at the Village Taphouse for dinner. I had the Classic Handpressed burger on a gluten free bun. It was super messy, but also super yummy!!

It’s been a great eating day!


I was having a tough time settling this morning and couldn’t decide why. I finally figured out I needed to deal with the parking issue. I called and explained the situation and the manager was super great and reversed the fine and everything!! I suddenly felt much better:)


I definitely needed to get out running today!! I feel like I have lost all muscle in the past week! I got a short run in and then did a plank and some squats this evening.


My family is trying to book a holiday to Palm Springs next winter. It will be the very first time that we will ever be on a vacation all together so it might be interesting! It will definitely give me impetus to do more weights this year!


I met up with a great friend this afternoon for some shopping. It was a great time! We found some awesome sales-a new rain jacket for my friend and these cute items for me.

I couldn’t believe I got out of J Crew for $11. I’m super excited about the new slippers as they are the style my mom always has, but you don’t normally find them in kids:) These plus an awesome restocking at Bath and Body Works made for a great haul!


I worked on a cowl today that will probably go into the holiday market. I also finished knitting my temperature cowl. Now I just need to tie in the 365 ends😫

Well I’m going to go watch a movie in bed:)

Have fun!



17 thoughts on “I Feel Better

  1. I’m glad the fine was reversed. I’m behind on reading posts so I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m glad it worked out for you, AJ. 😊 And, nice shopping finds!! 😃 My daughter loves J. Crew. I don’t think their clothes would fit me. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. That waffle was amazing!!! I enjoyed every bite! I can’t wait to go back on Friday night and try an entree!
      Yes I was super happy when my sale items were even more on sale!

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