Well today I returned to work…


The day didn’t go too badly. We managed to write about three events from our holidays, two special gifts and one person we spent time with. We also changed our desks around, started place value and we started a unit on penguins by listing our wonders. The students had better wonders this time than they did the first two times we did this activity this year. They want to know if babies are born knowing how to swim, if the eggs are different sizes, and how do penguins dry off. These are actually only three of three pages of wonders they came up with!!! It was neat to hear some really good questions from students who struggle otherwise. Inquiry teaching is a big thing right now in our district, but when I questioned how that was done with grade ones, I got told that if they left grade one being able to ask a great question, I would have put them on the right path. So that’s what I’m working towards!


After surviving staff meeting, I headed out to get my 8km run done. Unfortunately, I was at 6.68km when my massage therapist called and my phone turned off:( I was not going back out to finish that off, so I guess I just won’t be getting that mission☹️

I did manage to do 200 squats, walk to and from work and do a 1:15 plank.


I couldn’t get warm and so decided to do some baking. I made apple cinnamon bran muffins from the cookbook, Gluten Free Baking. They were easy to make, but they look very dry to me, they taste dry and they don’t have a ton of flavour.

Well I’m now back to being curled up in bed with my knitting and a Hallmark movie.

Have fun!



36 thoughts on “Back to the Grindstone

  1. Glad your first day back went well, sorry about the dry baking! Baking so often goes weird but no one shares the weird things – it’s very reassuring when someone does!

  2. Those are really good wonders!! How penguins dry off is probably my favorite since it feels very creative and out there to me.

    Sorry the muffins didn’t work out! Maybe you could add cinnamon and cook them a little less next time so they aren’t as dry

    1. That was one of my favourite wonders too.
      The muffins turned out to be undervalued so I’m not sure I’ll even try them again. I have lots of other recipes to try!

  3. ugh a staff meeting on the first day back, that is poor planning! I’m glad your students are beginning to think about how to come up with that deeper questions, that always helps

    sorry your muffins didn’t turn out the way you wanted. maybe add applesauce for more moisture and flavor. I’m terrible at fixing baking it is too much science that I don’t totally understand

    1. Ya the staff meeting wasn’t fun, but it’s actually good it was yesterday as I have a massage booked for next Monday🤣
      The muffins actually have applesauce in them. I’m going to move onto a new recipe as I have tons of recipes to try. These will be fine from the freezer with Pb & j on them:)

  4. Ugh, sometimes I hate GF baking. I also don’t understand how some of it can be sooo dry and soooo flavorless! I recently made some pumpkin bread that had such a soft pillowy texture that was amazing, but no flavor… 🙃 Guess I’ll just add a cup of cinnamon next time 😄

  5. Glad to hear teaching is going well! What is inquiry teaching (the irony in me inquiring about inquiry teaching, lol). I love bran muffins- bummer they didn’t turn out as great- maybe just need a bit more sugar or something? Sometimes that type of thing can be great with some pumpkin or apple butter & tea or coffee! Have a great Sunday, AJ!

    1. Inquiry is when kids research a topic they are interested in.
      I love bran muffins too! I’ll have to try another recipe. This week I did chocolate chip zucchini

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