It was a good start, but it’s amazing how quickly everything can change!


My students have definitely been yawning a lot lately. We wrote about our New Years Resolutions this morning after watching a reading of the book, Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution. Thank goodness for YouTube as my school doesn’t have this book and there aren’t a lot of books about resolutions for kids.

We also tackled a bit more of place value and we brainstormed what they already knew about penguins. Quite a successful day for us!


After chatting with colleagues, I clicked on Instagram. My colleagues say I went white immediately.

PSA- before you put anything on social media, make sure your family knows.

My nephew posted that he had a seizure last night and was in hospital. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that horrible before! He is the closest I will ever come to having my own child and boy did that hurt! He’s had an MRI this evening and has come home with his parents.

I thought it was bad when he was little and I worried about him choking, now I’m going to be worried he’ll have another seizure:(. He’s going to be under constant surveillance when he’s with me! My mom is threatening a Michelin man suit🤣

If you have a dog- give him or her a cuddle tonight!

This is the hero of the day as he jumped on my brother and barked at him until he got up last night as he knew something was wrong with my nephew. Animals are amazing!


I decided to go for a run while waiting on the MRI as I don’t wait well. I definitely had a lot of emotion to power my run and managed 5.7km. It was pouring rain and my gloves were dripping, but I didn’t even notice!

I also got 200 squats and a 1:20 plank done.


I tried to distract myself with knitting and finished a cowl in this horrible acrylic yarn I had in my stash. Thankfully you can’t see the mistakes I made as I just couldn’t settle tonight.

Well I’m going to go try some yoga to calm down. Im not sure I will until I get to hug my nephew!

Have fun!



42 thoughts on “Quite the Day

  1. I hope your nephew is okay!! Dogs are amazing. I watched a show a few weeks ago about service dogs and the one main family/dog they followed was a seizure detection dog. It’s so heartwarming to know that a dog doesn’t have to be trained to recognize something is wrong

  2. I understand your worries as my husband has had many MRI’s, and various other testing to note the progress of cancer. Maybe I shouldn’t say progress but rather keeping it at bay and so far, the doctors are successful. Keeping worries at bay is another matter while working and going about life: hugging the pug, walking, exercise at the health club, reading, cooking, baking, finding new keto recipes, writing, and a new resolution: to learn knitting. I hope all is well with your nephew.

  3. OMG! Something similar happened to me too today! Brother’s best friend is in an induced coma cause blood vessel broke and bled into the brain… Hope your nephew and my friend will recover soon!

  4. BREATHE!! He’s OK, the dog did great, and the MRI will give everyone an inkling of how you can handle this together! God was not surprised, and He invites you to let Him carry the load. 🙂 Hugs!

  5. I read your more recent post before this one, and didn’t realize that that was a special visit with your nephew! I’m so glad he is okay and hope the answers come soon and are not so hard.

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