At the start of the week, my days looked crazy busy, but it has been turning out less so.


Today went well and I realized it may be because I had a disruptive boy move during the break. It’s amazing the influence one child can have on a class!

We started our Reading Power program with making connections. We delved further into place value and we played dodgeball in gym. Lol when I write it down, it seems so little. Of course, that’s without the five reading tests I did today and reading with four other kids.


After work it was the first day back to boot camp. I think L took it easy on us today. We had to do: squat jumps/ slider hamstring curls, reverse lunge with shoulder press, 1/2 get ups, plank/speed skaters, bench reverse lunge with a hop, bear crawl/ jumping jacks, banded lat pull downs/ banded hip raises with a weight, pulsing squat/bird dog.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to use the planks and squats I did in that workout to count for today’s or whether I will do more.


I went over to visit my nephew today and he seems like himself. I was glad to be able to spend some time with him and give him some hugs! Banks also got lots of belly scratches and hugs!


I finally finished Strike Out by Cheryl Douglas. It was only five days, but it felt like I was reading this book forever! I just found it really unrealistic so can’t bring myself to recommend it.


I saw a video on Facebook for maki g your own vegan cheese and started to make it, only to come to the part where you need agar. Of course I don’t have any so it’s been put into the fridge. If I don’t find agar I may just make pasta to go with it!

Well I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with myself now, but maybe some knitting.

Have fun!



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