It was a day of back to back events.


My day was super chill because my most squirrelly boy was away! It was so calm and quiet:). We did a mini book about New Years traditions. It was very cool as the book talked about Mexico and Greece and we had a student and an EA who had experienced those traditions and were able to expand upon them. I always think the students will remember that type of information more.

We did more place value and most of the children are doing really well. This afternoon we made very fancy snowflakes for our windows. I will have to take a picture when I put them up tomorrow morning. These were well beyond the ones I made as a kid!🤣


We had the kids Bookclub after school today and were discussing The Losers Club by Andrew Clement. It was really interesting to hear the children discuss it as there was one boy who didn’t like it and some who sort of liked it and others who really liked it. We had a good discussion between the fifteen kids who attended.


My walk to and from school had to suffice, though I did extend my walk home to a half hour so it would complete my Squad Runner mission. I also just jumped up and did a 1:25 plank and 200 squats so I could say I did them.🤣


Tonight was the second date with the concierge I went out with in November. I don’t think it boded well that it took us this long to set up a second date. We had sushi and it was quite lovely. I only ran into one student🤣. I think the death knell was when he asked if I drink and I told him, not much. His best Christmas gift was a bottle of rum. It’s pretty representative of how little we have in common. The first date ended with him saying he wanted to see me again; this one ended with, “I hope you keep running and being happy.” Sounds like a brush off to me, but I’m okay with that:)


I took the early end to our date as an opportunity to run out and do a little grocery shopping, where I managed to dump a Costco chicken on myself. I shouldn’t go in there without a buggy!

I’m home now and exhausted, so think I’ll go crawl into bed.

Have fun!



22 thoughts on “Here, There, Everywhere

  1. When I first read the book title I though it said “The Lovers Club” and I had to do a double take haha. Can you tell it’s Friday 😉 It was probably a great discussion since people were on every end of the spectrum.

    Oh no! I’m sorry you dump the chicken on you. One time I was walking in Costco and almost dropped a gallon of milk which would have exploded all over me.

    1. Nope I don’t think they will be another date- just not enough in common:(
      The snowflakes turned out great! I have to remember to get more paper as the children want to make more

  2. Hmm, if that’s his favourite present I agree in thinking you’re better off this way 🙊😅
    I don’t drink either, I’m a teetotaler. I don’t drink on principle, plus I really dislike the taste and smell. ☕️

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