Wow my luck held for another quiet day at school. How did I get this lucky?


We wrote our Friday journals, but instead of writing about what we liked this week, we wrote about what we’re looking forward to. After reading them, I guess I had better get planning on a field trip!

We did our place value through colouring a 100 chart picture of a penguin. I love these as the children have to listen and they can be used to practice any math skills:)

This afternoon we just had buddies and the usual afternoon events.

It was a lovely, quiet day in my room. Can I hope for some more like this?

I got the questions about penguins posted in the hallway and already students and adults are stopping to read:)


I met up with L for a workout tonight. It was a favourite style as we did alternated short stints on the bike, elliptical/treadmill and the floor. It was mainly cardio, but we also did jump squats, sit ups, plank jacks, speed skaters, and bench up and overs. We had six rounds and I love this style of workout because it feels like it goes fast:)


L and I went back to the Green Mustache and this time I had a chai latte along with the Buddha bowl. I forgot to take pictures though:( L had the raw pad Thai and it was good too. We both loved our dressings! We split the chocolate avocado tart for dessert and boy did it taste rich!!! Yum!!!


Knit night got cancelled as B had a headache so I got to veg out in my jammies and knit. I really should have been sewing in ends on my temperature cowl, but instead I’m working on a scarf for one of the HPKCHC classes. It will also use two more skeins out of my stash. I need to get my stash as low as possible before April when the yarn crawl is:)

Well I’m going back to knitting.

Have fun!



17 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. I’m scarred for life after watching March of the Penguins. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Those cute little penguins in freezing ice and snow just standing there. I couldn’t take it.

      1. It’s like a documentary. I think Morgan Freeman narrates it if I remember correctly. It traumatized me!! Those poor, cute penguins, freezing with their babies between their toes, standing in the blizzard. I was so sad watching it!!
        I’d watch it first and see what you think first. I think it was so depressing. 😔

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