Well today didn’t go as planned, as usual🤣


Well we tackled our “during reading ” strategies of skip and reread and whether it makes sense. The children did surprisingly well at this first activity. We’ll see how they do on the next two.

We did more place value and learned about penguins. It was amazing that we learned seven facts about penguins just from a poem.


I was supposed to be going to run clinic tonight, but my friend called that she had a dog emergency, so I switched and did my run right after school. It was awesome as I got to go out in daylight!

It wasn’t busy and was a lovely half hour run to get the legs moving. My calves are a little sore today as is my rear end🤪

I also got a 1:20 plank and 200 squats done this evening.


I ended up having a date this evening which was unexpected. It was either tonight or not for a month as he is off to Thailand for a month holiday. I get jealous of people who get to take holidays when they want to (and when it’s cheaper). The date went pretty well. He’s an RCMP officer, originally from back East and he was easy to talk to. We’ll see if he remembers me after a month of Thai beaches 🤣


I finished my latest scarf last night! I am super happy as I was not really enjoying this project. It’s short so I may need to make it into a cowl.

It is the Ribbon Rib Scarf which is free on Ravelry. It took skeins out of my stash (yay), but I don’t remember what the yarn is. The pattern was easy and didn’t take a lot of thought so would be a great TV project.

Well I’m ready for bed!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Switched Around

  1. I got a daylight run in yesterday, too: a parcel my husband had ordered arrived in good time and my parcel had already come on Monday. I even managed to run a return from another delivery to the local supermarket during my run!

    And glad that was a good date, and I love your balanced attitude to these things, which is sure to stand you in good stead.

  2. Sounds like a good day to me! It seems like your date went well and I’m sure he’ll remember you after his trip. I’m with you though and jealous of people who jet set to amazing locations all the time.

  3. glad you went on a date that you felt comfortable enough to hope for date number two. will you stay in contact while he is away? When I met Richard we went on a date and then I went up to MA for 2 weeks. We talked on the phone once and e-mailed a few times. He ended up picking me up at the airport since the person who originally was going to had something come up…. you never know!

  4. A good run, a good date, and a finished scarf, all on top of kids pulling facts from a poem; that’s a win all around, AJ! Those inquiring minds are starting to build!

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