I was nervous and dreading it all day and it turned out better than expected. I really should learn not to worry!


I picked up stitches for my sweater before I headed off to work today and it went better than it ever has before! I came home to the realization that I probably had too many stitches on, but I’m going with it!

Oh I wore my temperature cowl to work today and had tons of compliments, even from my students!


Today was another day of coming and going, but I was calmer about it as I just had printing and journals planned. I also think I’ve come up with a way to make Friday journals new and fun, so we’ll see if it works this Friday.

This afternoon we tackled a lift the flap book about where penguins live. The children did pretty good! It definitely tested their scissor skills!


Tonight was the second session of my Battlefit class. I had been dreading it all day and really didn’t want to go and probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t meeting Corri! It wasn’t so bad, way better than last week!!

I didn’t love the warm up where we were doing drills across the gym. It was too much like gym class as a kid when I was always last:(. What can I say, I have really short legs and everything takes longer!

Then we did single arm kettle bell swings and around the body passes.

Our first workout was 30 seconds of each: Around the body clockwise, around the body counterclockwise, goblet squats, left single arm swings, right single arm swings and then alternating single arm swings. We did this three times through.

We then had a second workout- which had four parts. It wasn’t so bad, though I don’t like wall balls cause the balls are way too big for me! This last workout had step ups/ sprints, walking lunges/ pushups, wall balls/ kettle swings, 1/2 kneeling shoulder press/ Russian twists.

The worst part of tonight’s class was that one of my students sat outside and watched me for most of it! Just what I want to do- workout with an audience😖

Well I’m home and on my couch with my knitting and Hallmark movie so all is right in my world:)

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. that cowl is very cool looking and cozy too. Glad you liked the way it turned out. Glad things are settling out at work, hope the new Friday journal plan works

  2. That’s great that you had compliments on the cowl and liked it yourself.

    I have an entirely different outlook about worry. The harder I worry, the less likely the worst possible thing will happen. This has worked for me all my long life.

    1. Thank you! I am happy with it and actually think I’ll get lots of use out of it as it has so many colours!
      Yes I froze the cookies immediately so have managed to just eat one!

  3. The temperature projects are very interesting I’m not super dedicated to daily activities though but it would be super fun when the kids are older haha!

    Strength training is such a smart thing to do, I’m going to be getting back into it as well! Hope you’re enjoying your classes!

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