One of the bloggers I enjoy on here, Teacher Turned Mommy refers to Thursday as Friday Eve and it seems like a much more positive thought, so I’ll try to remember it!


Today was an okay day. We got through making connections with My Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss.

I got all the assessment of place value done while the kids did a fun dice sheet.

Finally this afternoon we finished our penguin art from last week. They turned out so cute! I always love it when the art allows the students to be creative in some way. In this case we left the eyes, nose and feet to the kids.


I came home as quickly as I could so I could get dinner and get out for a run. It’s so nice to at least start my runs in daylight now:). I went for my usual route to the park, but then realized I was going to be short for the necessary Squad Runner mission time of 45 minutes. I ended up running halfway back home and then doing another loop back to the park. At least tonight I felt strong and fast:). I also have started using both my Squad Runner app to track and my Runkeeper. I was missing seeing my splits as the ones on the Squad Runner app make absolutely no sense to me:(


I had a date tonight with a different guy than last week. This guy is really into working out and being healthy which I like.

Unfortunately he turned out to be not the guy for me. I have to admit it was pretty immediate when he walked right up, got himself a drink and didn’t even ask if I wanted something. 😑

Well I’m off to bed with my book!

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Friday Eve

    1. Yes the extra sunlight has been awesome! It seems to have been more noticeable more quickly this year or maybe it’s just because I needed it to be!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Friday Eve is such a better way at looking at Thursdays, since Thursday is such as whatever day anyway

    the penguins turned out really cute. I love when kids get to be creative with their art processes.

    sorry the date didn’t go smoothly, have you heard from the guy you kind of liked?

    1. It is so much better than Thursday!
      Yes, but it can be tough to find that balance in a project that allows for success but also for individual expression.
      We texted last Saturday before he left and he asked to see me Sunday before he leaves, but I haven’t heard from him since:(

  2. It’s so nice we are back on the upswing for light. DH and I noticed we still had some glimmers of daylight left as we were getting home! That’s a shame about the date – I’m rooting for the RCMP guy though 😉

  3. The penguin art is awesome! You know I have been following your blog from the WP Reader but this time I went to the blog itself. I did not realize you have such a pretty background – very serene!

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