It was another busy day, but in a different way.


My sister in law managed to take me along as a buddy to her training clinic this morning. I couldn’t believe it when they talked for an hour!! The nutritionist was interesting and definitely highlighted that I haven’t been eating enough fruits and veggies, but an hour of talking was just too much!

We ended up running over to a local park that had a 400m path around it. We had to do 200m slow and 200m push ten times. I had never done it this way where you don’t have a walk break in between. I ended up staying with a woman who was upset that she was at the back. I was just out for a run so was happy enough to keep her company. We ended up doing 5.7km.

I also walked down to the local grocery store for a few odds and ends my brother’s family needed.


I spent a lot of today taking advantage of my brother’s WiFi and catching up on reading blogs.


My niece had bought dairy free daiya cheese so she could make taco salad for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I avoid daiya cheese. The salad though, was wonderful! My sister in law had also made a pavlova that we had as dessert with our lunch. It was very nice!


I started the trip home much later than I had planned to, and it seemed a very long trip!


I am meeting up with some friends tomorrow for ProD and though both of them said to not bother bringing anything, I just can’t do that! This evening I have made carrot cake muffins and savory vegetable scones. I’ll have to tell you tomorrow how they are though.

I think I’m off to bed as I’d like to get a run in tomorrow morning before work.

Have fun!


38 thoughts on “Busy Again

    1. I’ve never made one either, but my SIL says it’s easy and the Jamie Oliver recipe that comes up when you google it is the best one she’s used:)

  1. Nutrition is something that I know find very fascinating so that talk would’ve been right up my alley! That was so sweet of your niece to bring dairy free cheese, even if you don’t like the brand she bought. The pavlova looks delicious!

    1. Yes I took a ton of nutrition courses in university so there weren’t surprises, but good reminders.
      Yes my niece was so sweet! She’s liking cooking which is great!

      1. I never took a nutrition course but I would definitely find it interesting now.
        How fun! You love to bake so I bet you love being able to have fun in the kitchen with her.

      2. Oh I loved the nutrition courses and it’s actually the only textbook I kept from school.
        She wouldn’t let me help🤣 but it’s great to see her enjoying some kitchen time

  2. 1 hour lecture on nutrition would be painful to me! sounds like you had a lot of fun with your family this weekend. hope your professional day went smoothly today and your baked goods were tasty and well recieved

  3. Those strawberries looked as ripe and luscious as Summer berries. It is already getting a little lighter each day – baby steps, but feels good seeing it … great you can get a run in before work now.

      1. Hopefully – it was nice and sunny this morning but we ended up having freezing rain after that snowfall so walking was out of the question – don’t mind walking on some snow, if packed down or it seems safe, but this was ridiculous … had to chip away to open the screen door.

      2. You’re right – it is downright scary. They said tomorrow will be a lot of black ice due to the already-slick roads and the temps dipping down so low tonight/tomorrow.

      3. I will only venture out to run the car tomorrow as so bitterly cold. I do have the trickle charger on it 24/7/365, but will still go out carefully and run the car and scurry back in. I am grateful to work from home – I took the bus to work for years and had to deal with the commute – buses would not show up, but they said our last time to get this brutally cold was in 94. I can’t associate that with anything. I’d rather we were not going to be setting all these record cold temps tonight and the next two days.

      4. Yes I am quite happy to be mediocre when it comes to the weather- don’t want to win for hottest or coldest!
        Be careful going out to the car!

      5. Me too. I will – I bought some ice cleats for walking in the Park as they don’t shovel the path there. I will look first and see if I need them.

      6. No, I’ve not used mine either – I got some with big teeth that look like a bear trap – didn’t need them, just took baby steps this morning and wore a bandana over my face – they recommended that as breathing the cold air could hurt your lungs.

  4. Aw that was sweet of your niece to have the vegan cheese- why is it you avoid daiya? Flavor? I know a lot of people don’t prefer it! I only get it when there aren’t other options. My favorite is from TJ’s – their almond mozz…. Mmmm! What’s your fave kind? I’m excited to hear about the carrot cake muffins!

    1. It was so sweet of my niece!!! Daiya has a weird texture and doesn’t even taste like cheese! I like the but cheeses from Black Sheep Vegan!

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